Reflux medicine and poop-capades!

So it is official, baby does have reflux.  He went and saw a gastroenterologist this week and was diagnosed with reflux and is now on Ranitidine (sp?) twice a day.  The poor guy hates the taste and it cannot be mixed so we’ve tried to give it to him through the syringe in the back of his mouth and he spits it right out while making the worst face.  I did learn, however, a nice little trick.  We tried putting the medicine in an empty nipple but he tasted the whole thing and hated it and drooled most of it out so my trick was stick an empty nipple in his mouth, once he starts sucking on it shoot the medicine in it and it is gone in one big suck.  Works like a charm.  Pisses him off a little but he gets the relief he needs!  It’s only 0.7ml so that’s not too bad…

We also have to test the acidity of his spit up daily to see if the medication is helping and it seems to be.  It’s so weird rubbing a test strip in spitup.  What I’ve learned is the poor thing had so much acid prior to starting the medication.  It was actually REALLY high with very fresh spit up, formula that didn’t even go down all the way when it came back up immediately had a high acid level.  That’s starting to subside now and he’s a much happier baby now that he isn’t in constant pain (THANK GOD!).

I’m glad I saw all the warning signs.  I’m glad I pay very close attention to everything he does.  I’m glad I am stubborn and don’t take no for an answer when I know there is something wrong.  He wasn’t just colicky because sometimes babies just cry a lot.  I would be a mess if we couldn’t figure out why he was screaming and have to cope with trying to comfort him for several months while he was just trying to tell us how much pain he was in.

The new formula is amazing, too.  That was another huge help in relieving some of the crying episodes.  His poops are now better, there are even days he poops 6 times!  That makes his belly feel better and leads to less screams of pain.

He has actually started giving me smiles now that he’s not in constant pain.  Like real awake smiles.  Smiles that melt my heart.  He also gave me real tears yesterday which broke my heart but it was only for a minute and it was done.  I turned off his white noise and must have startled him because it stopped as quickly as it started – but the tears literally killed me!  I cried so hard!!

I just wanted to give a quick update on how he is doing…a happy baby makes for a happy mama and I just wanted to share the good news 🙂