Blue and Yellow Purple Pills

I have no idea how that song entered my brain yesterday, but it did.  As I am singing in my head about everything I am against I realized that my life right now is one lyric of that song…”[But nothing compares to these] Blue and Yellow Purple Pills”

No lie, I have to pop 3 pills a day now and those are their colors.  Blue = BC, Yellow = Baby Aspirin, Purple = Prenatal.  It’s nothing “fun”, as the song suggests, but to me – nothing compares to MY Blue and Yellow Purple Pills because this stuff right here…this is the stuff that is preparing my body for the ultimate adventure.  I get to pop pills and get stuff injected into me, I get to shove some stuff in my nether regions…by the time I am all done my stomach and arms look like a pin cushion and I am a totally different person with all the stuff running through my body.  In a very very different way…my life is that Eminem song right now.

On a lighter note, today is mine and my Darlin’s 4 year anniversary.  We’ll be celebrating with a fancy schmancy dinner on Saturday.

Happy Anniversary, Darlin!  I have never loved you any more than I do, right this second, and I will never love you any less than I do, right this second.