Postpartum Hair Loss

It’s real.  When Joey was about 4 months old, all my luscious hair decided it wanted to fall out all at once. Probably because of my hormones trying to revert to normal as quick as humanly possible.  I cut my hair short and within a week my hair started falling out and I had many bald patches.  This is what the regrowth looks like a year and 3 months later.  No, I never got bangs.  This is some of the bald spots growing back.  In fact, more than half my hair is this length while the rest is 6 inches longer which is why my hair is almost always in a pony.  I need to find some time and moola to start the “evening out” process until my hair is all one length.  It’s just as awful as growing out a pixie except from being bald in random places for a few months.  Also have to find a new salon since I’m 2 hours from my favorite stylist ever 😐
If you have any tips on how to speed up the regrowth after I finally take care of this mop with a fresh cut, I’m all ears.  My biggest hit to self confidence after the baby (appearance wise) was definitely the dramatic and unexpected hair loss.  


Here’s what it looked like when it first started falling out.  It only got worse from here:


Who’s that crazy lady?

Woman-HulkThat would be me.  I’m that crazy lady.  I am trying VERY hard to control myself because I do feel myself wanting to flip out at the tiniest little things.  To prevent myself from turning into the incredible hunk and smashing the crap out of everything I just have to remove myself from the room or situation and breathe…it helps…a lot.  I’ve become a monster.  6 more pills to take then a few days off until the injections begin…hopefully I’ll calm down a little in the break between.

On a lighter note, another thing keeping me happy and excited is my sister’s visit scheduled to start on Sunday.  I’m trying to plan some fun activities around the house for the boys in case there is a day of bad weather and we can’t take them to the park.  It’s going to be a fun time…I just hope this week doesn’t drag by since I am looking forward to the visit!

April Fools Day Rant/Week 1 of Birth Control

I love a good innocent prank just like the next good humored person, especially on April Fools day!  A fake bug here, a rigged sink faucet there, fake poop, whoopie cushions, you name it, I love it.  What I do NOT love is the prank others think is hysterical – to pretend they are pregnant to scare their family…not quite funny to one who has been trying to get pregnant for many years and has spent almost 50K in the last couple years trying to achieve this.  I have seen a half dozen or so on a couple social media sites in the first hour of the day today when I realized that today is going to be a rough one and I should probably give social media a rest for a day or so until everyone gets this NON funny “prank” out of their system.  I know there is no intention of hurting others feelings in this seemingly harmless to them prank but I just wish people would think about the potentially hurt feelings of others when posting something like this…it hurts a lot and I just have to go on with my day pretending it doesn’t affect me since I have chosen to keep my infertile life a secret from 99% of the world.

End Rant.

Today marks the 7th day of my 3 weeks on Birth Control.  Before today I really didn’t feel any different, in fact I was in a wonderful mood for the last week and I didn’t feel any different, physically.  Today is a different story.  Today I am in a terrible mood, I am up and I am down, I am mad and sad and at one point I was a little overly happy only to come crashing down to being royally pissed off…but I think most of it is due to the rant above.  But aside from that I am getting terrible headaches and today I just feel completely nauseated…again, it could be from previous rant but I don’t think I would make myself sick over it.  Maybe the side effects finally kicked in.  Maybe the next two weeks are going to be a hell-ridden roller coaster and Joe should go into hiding until it is time to stab me in the belly.  Darling, I apologize ahead of time if my moods/behavior changes…I promise I will try to control it to the best of my abilities but if today is a precursor to what is to come, I am scared.

Please tell me it gets better.  Has anyone else turned into a crazy hormonal bitch on Birth Control? I hope I am not just making this stuff up…I just don’t feel like me today.