Tomorrow, I’ts Only a Day Away!

Guess what tomorrow is?  My Baseline Appointment! It’s officially Day 1 of the long protocol!

I will officially be starting Ethinyl Estradiol (which is a synthetic estrogen birth control) tomorrow for approximately 2 weeks.  After that I will be going back in the office for a suppression check and hopefully starting the injections.

I don’t think I was that crazy on all the hormones last time, although I did have a few freak out moments…but overall I think I was just more hyped up and over emotional about the situation and not because of the hormones…hopefully since I know what to expect (or not to sometimes!) I can be a little more controlled.  I did hear, however, that the birth control is the one that makes you crazy…so I’m a little nervous about taking this.  Imagine that, I am 28, trying to have a baby, and going on birth control for the first time in my life.  Is this irony?

I think I am getting myself over excited.  I cleaned the house top to bottom yesterday.  I want everything perfect right now and to stay that way for what I can feel will be our happy ending.

Please keep us in your thoughts…I am very positive about this cycle and positive thoughts and prayers will surely help as well!

Day 6/7

I started the Ganirelix yesterday morning at the doctor’s office, in total I had three needles yesterday including the blood draw…for a girl who is petrified of needles this is like a bad dream I can’t wake up from…but a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do, right?

I had my first official meltdown last night as well…when Joe was doing my Gonal-F injection it hurt (probably because I was having a mini meltdown prior to this and I was very tense) but that little hurt caused an hour of tears.  I have no bruise so it couldn’t have been as bad as I was making it out to be…but to me, in that moment, it was the worst thing in the world.

I can’t wait for these injections to be over.  I have at least 2 more Gonal-F injections left and at least 1 more Ganirelix injection.  If all goes well at tomorrow’s blood draw and scan then hopefully my trigger will be administered on Thanksgiving night for a retrieval date of Saturday 11/24/2012…that would be nice.  Everything is growing as it should…I was at 10mm on Saturday and 16 on Monday…I was told they grow at approx 2mm day so I am slightly above the average so I am crossing everything I can that tomorrow they will tell me that my last daily injection will be tomorrow and to administer the trigger on Thursday evening.

The Ganirelix sucks ass…it is not as “painful” going in as the Gonal-F (not really painful, but pinchy) but afterwards it stings like a bitch and I am sore all day.  (I felt the look on my face go from happy to wtf?! when the nurse asked me to sit up to administer it yesterday…Joe gives me my injections laying down and she said I don’t have enough to grab onto when lying down…it didn’t feel bad but I was petrified).  It is also driving my emotions to the extreme.  I also have no appetite…I feel full and a little nauseated, I only ate dinner yesterday when I normally eat 4-5 times a day because I am a little piggy.  I hope my appetite returns by Thursday…I want to eat my mom’s food in the worst way!