An Exact Day? Holy Cow!

I am in shock.  They are able to tell me the exact day I will be starting the stims! There is never any certainty involved in any of this and for once, I have an actual start date!  I actually have 3 full weeks to prepare for this!  AND I got to give my boss plenty of warning that I will be late every other day for over a week and sometime between 4/29 and 5/5 I am going to need a day or two off but I will not know until right before.  At least there’s some warning!

I lied yesterday saying I was only going to be on BC for 2 weeks…well I start today and stop taking them on 4/14 (3 weeks total).  On 4/18 I go in for my suppression check and that is Day1 of stims.  There are 7-12 days of stims so we are looking at an Egg retrieval date of probably 4/29 or 4/30 with transfer date somewhere between 5/2 to 5/5.  (depending on if they do a Day 3 or Day 5 transfer).

And you know me…I am a planner…if (WHEN) this works, this puts a potential due date (if a singleton) on 2/2/2014 or (if there’s  two) 1/19/2014! How exciting!

I’m even more excited because this is all happening again finally, on the week of our 4 year anniversary.  And the egg retrieval is going to be right after my 29th birthday.  So many happy things are happening right now.  And guess what…I took that stupid needle like a friggen champ today.  I was worried because I haven’t seen hide nor hair of a needle in over a month when I had the fasting blood draw for the coculture serum and I cried like a baby…today I was stone cold and made that needle my bitch!  Here’s to getting a little better day by day.  Hopefully I can make all the upcoming needles my bitch!

Tomorrow, I’ts Only a Day Away!

Guess what tomorrow is?  My Baseline Appointment! It’s officially Day 1 of the long protocol!

I will officially be starting Ethinyl Estradiol (which is a synthetic estrogen birth control) tomorrow for approximately 2 weeks.  After that I will be going back in the office for a suppression check and hopefully starting the injections.

I don’t think I was that crazy on all the hormones last time, although I did have a few freak out moments…but overall I think I was just more hyped up and over emotional about the situation and not because of the hormones…hopefully since I know what to expect (or not to sometimes!) I can be a little more controlled.  I did hear, however, that the birth control is the one that makes you crazy…so I’m a little nervous about taking this.  Imagine that, I am 28, trying to have a baby, and going on birth control for the first time in my life.  Is this irony?

I think I am getting myself over excited.  I cleaned the house top to bottom yesterday.  I want everything perfect right now and to stay that way for what I can feel will be our happy ending.

Please keep us in your thoughts…I am very positive about this cycle and positive thoughts and prayers will surely help as well!

Day 1 and Day 2 of Stims…not so bad

I can do this…sure I tense up and don’t like my husband when he is coming at me with a scary needle but I clench my teeth and get through it…this is what I have to do so I do it.

I’ll tell you what, though…I have been getting awful headaches and random bouts of queasiness from this stuff…probably because it is a crap load of hormones my body is not used to handling.

I have to start carrying the Ganirelix around with me starting tomorrow…I have my first check up tomorrow to see how everything is doing.  Hopefully really well 🙂

Day 1 produced a bruise at the injection site and day 2 did not! Maybe I can get away with as little bruising as possible…good job, Darling!

I hope my appetite comes back for Thanksgiving…because it has been mostly missing the last couple days…

Has anyone experienced any side effects of the Gonal-F or Ganirelix?

It’s official, the medicine is here!

My wonderful husband took half a day to get the medicine picked up and ready for me.  He did an excellent job, a few items were covered (the progesterone, the antibiotics, the codine, and I forget what else), we got a few freebies, a few samples, and a LOT of medicine.

What should have cost probably about $4,000 only cost us $2,000 so hats off to my hubby! I will also be using a few doses of his Bravelle in place of a box of Gonal-F to save on cost since he will be stopping his injections soon, just waiting on the word from Dr. H after all this is over.

I am scared to death of the needles but I trust he will be as gentle as he possibly can…he’s a pro at this now after doing it for 2 straight years on himself.  I’m lucky to have him keep me sane because I would be bouncing off the walls of an insane asylum by now.  Check out my stock pile!

Day 1 Stims!!!

I am SO happy I think I am going to cry (again!)

Today was the baseline appointment and it was FANTASTIC! Everything is quiet so we are starting my first injection today! We are ordering the meds today so it’s a good thing my husband has extra Bravelle to use in place of Gonal F for me for my first injection otherwise I would have to wait another cycle…and I don’t want to wait any more!

We were thrown a little off guard with all of this because I didn’t realize how much control they are going to have over me…they already have my next 2 appointments scheduled, they will be calling with instructions, I have no say in anything…but that’s their job and their major concern is making this work so I trust them completely.

I can’t believe I will be getting my first injection tonight, I am nervous and scared…Joe better be good to me!

I can’t believe this is finally happening, I feel like I am dreaming! Please don’t pinch me…