Holy Blood Work!

Since I finally got a negative result on my quantitative hcg test last week I was given the all clear to get my clotting panel done at my discretion.  Being the proactive person I am I wanted to get it done before the holidays so I don’t have to worry about any more testing and try to enjoy the holidays.

Let me just remind you for a second about how much I hate needles and blood.  A LOT.

So I walk into the lab, sign my little name in, sit next to Joe, and in a few minutes I am called back.  The phlebotomist checks my paper work and goes “Oh God, that’s a lot!” … “yes, I know, I hate needles and blood so I am already anxious about this…let’s just get this over with”  I was back there for 45 minutes in total.  A half hour of it was printing labels and figuring out what is frozen, what is room temperature, getting all the colored tubes coordinated.  Then the fun began.

The woman must have been nervous taking that much from me because I felt her anxiety.  The needle wasn’t too bad but I think she used a larger gauge than I am used to because it hurt for the entire 28 vials.  25 in I hear her going “shoot shoot shoot” and I’m thinking it slipped out…I don’t know what was shoot…then I felt it, she saw all the color drain out of my body.  My face turned tingly, my lips especially, I felt nauseated and my whole body felt heavy.  She kept on saying “stay with me Erin! Last one!” and she got it all in but then I was done.  She draped me over the table, threw a cotton ball and tape on my arm (which didn’t really hold because there was no pressure applied) and I was in and out.  I saw blood dripping down my arm, all over the floor, on my pants.  A cold towel was thrown on my neck and another nurse scrambled to get me cold water.

At this point my husband was getting worried because of how long I was back there and saw a little of the scramble.  He said “Is my wife ok?? Can I see her?” and a nurse brings him back and asks “Does this belong to you?” yes.  Yes he did.  He was pretty worried.  In the scramble my phlebotomist kept trying to make sure I was awake and asking me how old I was, what year it was, my birthday, etc.  It took a few minutes but the color came back to my face and I felt better…weak, but better.  My arm still hurts from all of this and I have a lovely bruise from it all…it will make a wonderful accessory to my Christmas outfit.

I’m glad it’s over, though.  I wanted to get it done and it is.  I’ll get the results hopefully before the New Year, but it can take up to 10 days.  So with that, my holidays can officially start…one day of work to get through and then I can travel tomorrow to see my family.

I hope everyone has a VERY Merry Christmas.