Baby Joey – 7 months

I feel like I always start these posts with “wow what a busy month it has been” but truly that is definitely the case with Baby Joey’s sixth month.  Since turning 6 months we packed up everything we owned, fit it on a 26 foot truck, a 10 foot truck, another 10 foot truck, and 4 FULL car loads (no lie…), and made the 130 mile move north to Waverly Township in our new home.  When I tell you that these trucks were packed top to bottom utilizing all of the vertical space, I am not lying.  I cannot believe how much stuff we have.  It definitely doesn’t look like that when you look at the house but there was so much…and it is almost finally all put away!

I made my trip up to the new house with a packed car, 2 cats, and the baby on a Friday morning.  Unfortunately he had a stomach virus the week of the move and we had a full 10 days of poo every hour on the hour.  At least we prevented diaper rash by acting quick with the triple paste and using warm rags in lieu of wipes…last time he was so raw and I felt so bad for how much pain he was in.  The first 1 1/2 hours of the trip flew by with lots of cries from the cats but a silent baby…that all ended in the last 30 minutes when he started screaming so loud.  I couldn’t concentrate.  I called my mother to meet me at the new house and the phone disconnected and all she heard was half hour and screaming so she darted to the new house to meet me and laid a blanket on the floor since she knew there was bound to be a poo…there was.  I called my husband to just talk to me as my anxiety was pretty bad at this point and he advised that I pull over and change him but I hadn’t a clue where any of his bags were and I had no where in the car to change him since it was packed.  I decided to pull over at the toll booth and give him a binky and tell him we were almost home.  He calmed down enough for me to feel comfortable and keep going and he screamed the last 10 miles of the journey until we pulled up in the new driveway where he decided that’s when he was done.  I rushed him inside, changed his diaper, and introduced him to his new home.

He’s done a lot of learning this last month, too.  In addition to “dada” and only saying “mama” when he was upset he now says “mama” quite frequently to gain my attention, he can also say “baba” and I swear he is saying “more” when he eats and he gives me the sign for more…but it’s more like “maaaaaa” as he’s doing the sign lol.  He can sign both “more” and “mama” and discovered he can clap like an excited member of an audience cheering on their favorite artist!  He’s still a very tall and skinny man wearing size 12 months clothes because he is so long but only just recently moving up to size 3 diaper since he has such a tiny waist and hiney!  We are currently getting his records transferred from his old doctor to his new one since he had to skip his flu shot when he was sick so we need to get that going immediately especially if we are in search of a daycare to get him out and active 1 day each week (and so mommy can have a break of triple duty of baby, work, and school!).

He’s sitting up by himself although doesn’t understand sometimes he has to actively keep himself up or he will fall…he is awesome at sitting I just wouldn’t call him functional just yet…have a little more learning to do before that but I’ve seen pivots with his arms recently so we are on our way to functional sitting!  He scooches just a tad but I think that will turn into crawling quite quickly as the little butt is going directly in the air to try to help out the scooch.  He can hold himself up in a standing position with the assistance of furniture…watch out!  He loves his walker.  He loves his jumper.  If he could walk and jump all day I think he would…this boy has energy.  He loves belly sleeping and can sleep 10-11 hours at night on his belly.

His pop pop misses him and is coming up for a visit this weekend to go to his very first visit to a pumpkin patch!  The baby also got to experience his first snow this past Saturday.

I can’t believe how jam packed this month actually was but there was a lot of moving and developing going on and I can’t wait to see what the next month brings, although I do wish time would pause for a little while so I can enjoy all of these milestones before they continue to whiz by.  Oh and those who are still on tooth watch, you’re still going to have to wait.  STILL no teeth although we keep swearing he’s on the verge of busting one out…I can see it, he can feel it, and I feel bad it hurts him but they NEED to come out…so teeth, if you can hear me…man up and come out.

7 months-01 7 months-02 7 months-03 7 months-04 7 months-05 7 months-06 7 months-07

IMG_6113 IMG_6150 IMG_6174 IMG_6223 IMG_6257 IMG_6275 IMG_6285 IMG_6298 IMG_6306 IMG_6317 IMG_6352 IMG_6363 IMG_6369 IMG_6390 IMG_6393 IMG_6403 IMG_6424 IMG_6425 IMG_6434 IMG_6470 IMG_6506 IMG_6509 IMG_6510 IMG_6527


What is motherhood?  

When I first embarked on this journey to motherhood five years ago at the fertility office I had a totally different view of motherhood.

I remember all the happy times growing up with my mom and siblings.  She loved us unconditionally.

I saw all the pictures mothers posted of their loved little ones on Instagram and Facebook.  Everything looked “picture perfect”

Don’t be fooled by these pictures.  It is definitely not all sunshine and rainbows…

Don’t get me wrong I would go through anything for my child, some days are just harder than others.  Some days are amazing.  And some make me question “what the heck am I doing??”

Here’s a set of real pictures that I believe show every side of motherhood for me:

Motherhood is..

Putting your one week old, freshly out of the NICU in the cutest onesie for newborn pictures and he is completely unimpressed…

It is hoping he doesn’t poo, pee, or puke on your wedding gown just so you can get that perfect picture.  We did.  And the only thing that got pooped on, peed on, AND puked on was me 😳

 wedding dress with no poo

It is never being able to dress your child in yellow again after having to return to the NICU because his Bilirubin score jumped up over 19

never wear yellow again

It is being super excited for your child to meet his godfather only for him to be completely unimpressed

meeting the godfather

It is being so excited to pick up your child from daycare at 6 weeks old because you’ve never been away from him for that many hours before (thank you USA for shitty maternity leave…)

saving baby from first day of daycare

It is being the cause of his first cut and first real tear

being the cause of his first cut and first tear

It is hating bath time

loving bath time

It is pouting when he does “the lip” but it is the cutest little sad face ever

the lip
It is hoping he doesn’t explosive poo while in his white baptism suit that he completely despised

hating baptism suit

I may look composed here, but don’t be fooled…I was scared to death since he didn’t poop yet and was cranky all day.  Thank God the priest bored him to sleep!!

It is trying to see if he really is allergic to milk by reintroducing it only to end up experiencing the week of never ending poo and rashes.  FU milk allergy.

the week of poo

Motherhood is being scared seeing triple digits on the thermometer…
Or texting pictures of what looks like hives to your mom and the doctor out of fear that it just may be a flesh eating bacteria.  Trust me, it is not
But even though you are scared and now sick yourself, the only thing that stops the crying is snuggling with mommy 
Motherhood is a challenge you need to face head on.  Cooing and smiles are not constant…sometimes it is just non stop screaming because your baby cannot tell you what he needs but you try anything and everything in an attempt to calm him down.  Is he hungry? Is he wet? Is he too hot?  Is he too cold?  Does he have a fever?  Is this teething?  But nothing stops the screaming sometimes.

Eventually things calm down.  This is not an everyday thing, but it is real.  It happens. What makes it better are days like this

And this

And this

But be warned…there are days that you are trapped under a baby and need a drink so bad you take an awkward picture of yourself and text it to daddy to show the severity of your thirst in order to hurry the drink fetching up #notashamed

It is watching your baby discover his love for oatmeal and not being able to feed him fast enough (or clean enough)…

Or completely despise everything you put in his mouth that day because he didn’t nap…

tired feedings
It is also the very real possibility that he will poop in the high chair…which almost always ends up in a blowout.  No lie.


There are days that my patience is definitely tested but it all fades away and is always replaced by the beauty you see on Instagram

Screams are replaced with smiles


He will start learning things that will continually amaze you and make you realize that one day he won’t need you

Motherhood is a lifelong thing, But they won’t be little for long so take advantage of the mommy snuggles as much as possible…one day you will have your last snuggle and you won’t realize it until it has already happened… Dirty floors can wait, you’ll be cleaning them forever…baby snuggles don’t last as long.


And through it all, you must learn to look back and laugh at all the times you pulled your hair out or went to bed crying from the stress us mothers have because how can you not just smile and giggle at the cutest fucking face in the whole world.  And he is all yours.

When that day finally comes when you realize you had your last snuggle, just close your eyes and think of when you first made eye contact.  This is where the phrase “love at first sight” has true meaning.

first eye contact
I’m sure I’ll post a part 2 of this as time moves on, but I’ll be enjoying the good and the crazy because it doesn’t last forever.  Monday will make 6 months for us and I need to take advantage of this as much as I can.

Baby Joey – 5 Months

What a productive last month it has been!  On top of working 50+ hours a week from home, grad school, and taking care of the baby I have just gotten a little crazier…we are MOVING!  This is an awesome move as it will be closer to the baby’s closest relatives – my mom, all my brothers and sisters, and nephews and nieces will all be in very close proximity to our new home and we are so excited to be doing this!  They have been the biggest help for us even being 100 miles away so it makes sense to move closer to the ones who help out 🙂

As far as baby goes, solids are interesting for him!  He’s loving a majority of the foods…and I am making them all myself!  We tried some of the jarred foods in a pinch and for traveling and he does not enjoy them…he much prefers home made and I don’t mind making them at all because at least I know how everything is being prepped and cooked and there are zero preservatives in them.  It’s much cheaper, too.  Right now he is on green veggies and by next week we are going to introduce him to some fruits!

We are awesome at rolling from back to belly and belly to back and he can do it going left and right, he’s amazing on his feet…always putting weight on it but obviously requires assistance as he has no balance yet.  He’s not interested in sitting…he’d much rather stand so we are working on some floor exercises to help him with sitting.  He did scare me though as he is able to lift his upper body off the ground and lunge over so safety is even more important now since he has built up quite a bit of strength.

Teething is still strong with this one, gums are now white and hard, too…could still be a while, though.  I did notice an attitude difference on days he is not wearing his amber necklace (we do not put it on him going to day care…I’m a crazy worrier) so I think it is actually helping with the pain levels.  And there’s drool…man is there drool!  He’s like a waterfall!

Still has quite a bit of acid, the dosage has been increased again.  He’s using his tummy muscles a lot so I expected the acid to increase before it decreased.  Once his tummy muscles are fully formed I assume that the acid will start to decrease.  If you miss his dose by just a few minutes, though, it is spit up city!

I think the craziest accomplishment has been within the last week…he’s been repeating dada quite a bit and I actually caught it on camera.  Yesterday I kept saying “daddy” to him to see if he would try the hard “e” sound but of course he didn’t try and I didn’t expect him to.  This morning he actually said daddy.  I can’t believe that at 5 months old he said “daddy”.  He really is a bionic baby!


3.5 Month update

Have you ever felt like the days were all meshing together and it was just one long crazy day of everything crammed all into one thousand hour day?  That’s been my life lately.  School started up again last week and the days are somehow melding together.  So much so that I am literally forgetting what day it is.  With work being super busy because of the move and the new hires being not totally up to speed, I’ve been putting almost 60 hours a week in, while taking care of my son, and NOW I have returned to my graduate program!

Some call me crazy…but you know what?  I’m determined probably crazy.  Certifiable at that.  Thank God for Joe, though.  He’s been trying to find ways to keep baby entertained in the evening so I can get my school work done and take a shower so I don’t stink!  He’s out with him right now, as a matter of fact, and I finished today’s school work early enough to quickly write a blog post!  (Thanks Joseph!!)

I must say, the baby has been so great with this transition to almost 100% working from home.  He adheres strictly to his schedule and I can actually set a clock to how perfectly he does!  3 hours on the nose between feedings.  Half hour nap between each feeding with the exception of his second feeding where he’ll take a nice 2 hour nap, play time before and after bottle, tummy time about an hour before feedings (to work out any extra gas, or puke, and obviously to strengthen his muscles), Zantac 3x day and prune juice twice a day.  His poops are becoming more regular now.  His reflux is under control.  His feedings have been upped in ounces to now 6oz (after it is all mixed up).  He has transitioned almost fully to Gentlease from Nutramigen as it doesn’t appear to be affecting his reflux now that he’s more active and his tummy muscles are so strong.  His colic has drastically reduced.  Teething is eminent as there is so. much. drool.  I actually just ordered him a baltic amber necklace as I have some friends who shared personal stories and I am just convinced to at least give it a try…there’s no harm in trying especially if it makes for a more pleasant baby!

I just wanted to give you all an update…I didn’t disappear, I am just a little loco with how busy my schedule is!  Only a year and a half more of this triple duty and then I can start paving way for our baby to have everything he could ever want.  He is the light of our lives and deserves everything we can give him.


Here’s some more pictures of the many faces of Joey to enjoy until I can write again 🙂


I really have a 3 month old?

I can’t believe how quickly time is flying…it’s just pure craziness!

A lot has happened in the last month.  We had a return visit to the gastroenterologist who upped his dose of Zantac to three times a day @0.80mL per dose (instead of 2x/day @0.70mL).  He is growing perfectly weighing in at 13lbs on the nose which puts him somewhere around the 50th percentile for weight, he is 24.25 inches tall which is about the 70th percentile.  When you do a weight to height ratio, though, he is under the 25th percentile which really only means he takes after his mama…a bean pole!  The vomiting has been controlled now for a while, just a little tiny bit of spit up here and there.  He’s beginning to actually like bath time (although once he gets OUT…that’s a whole other story…).  He rolls over, he keeps his head up the entire time he does tummy time, he puts weight on his feet when he stands (all things he has been doing for a number of weeks but are all milestones meant for 4 month olds!).  We knew we had a strong guy…this just proves it.  The NP was impressed on how he stands with weight on his feet!  One thing they told us we need to do is get him pooping better…he goes more than a day without pooping all the time and when it comes out it is pasty so we are supposed to start giving him 1tsp of prune juice twice a day to help the situation.  Other than that he’s a healthy strong GROWING boy!

This child is in 6 month clothes already!  The women’s center is going to love me for all the donations 🙂

We are starting to get a little happier, too.  There’s still some times he is crazy but they seem to be lessening now which is a relief…but when he does have a crazy spell WATCH OUT…especially if it is a rainy day and we can’t take him for a walk.  (He currently hates the car seat AND stroller so we have to walk him outside by holding him to get him calm…).

This mama is starting her 5th class of the Graduate program in just over a week, which means only 7 more classes to go after that.  I can’t wait for this to be over…I’m going to be so busy I’m not going to know what to do with myself…but I have to keep my head in the game because I am doing it for my family.  They deserve to have a great life.  I’ve also completely transitioned into the working from home thing…it is quite crazy working full time WHILE taking care of a baby but I do it and I’m happy to be able to.  I have to travel 1 day a week so that’s not a bad deal…the baby goes into day care on those days.  Sometimes I have to do 2 days a week but that will be ending after the summer and my travel days will most likely be cut in half.

I’ll hopefully be giving baby his first pool experience just before his 4 month birthday so I’ll update on that experience on his 4 month post!  I must be going now, time to celebrate father’s day!  We got a nice brunch planned for daddy at the Bluebell Inn 🙂


My boy has godparents 

I haven’t had much time to post with the move at work and Joey needing so much attention because of his reflux but I wanted to share a couple pictures of his baptism.  I am in the bath on my phone so this is a little jumbled, I promise to pretty it up at some point when I can hop on the computer for personal use but I don’t know when that will be!!  A full time working accountant momager makes finding personal time pretty difficult!  Adding school in the mix in 3 weeks is only going to make it more strenuous but a mom’s gotta do what a mom’s gotta do to make big strides in making a better life for this little family!! 

Much love to my mother for taking pictures and not being in a single one. We will have plenty of celebrations for her to be in them though…she is a HUGE part of Joey’s life and counts down the minutes until she can see her little man again!!

Preparing for the get together afterwards was a little difficult because Joseph (hubby!) was sick but this mama got it alllll done in time!  All with the help of the k’tan!


Finally…here’s some pictures of the many faces of Joey and the last weekend we spent just hanging at his very first attendance at a birthday party!

I am trying my hardest to keep this updated!!  We have a follow up reflux appointment in 2 weeks so we are hoping things will improve with him (comfort wise) soon…until then they don’t want to increase his medication until the follow up.

Baby Joey – 2 month update

So I officially have a 2 month old…I could cry!  I just want time to stop so I can enjoy it, it is going by way too quickly!

Developmentally, he is crazy advanced!  He’s smiling as a reaction now and not because he is sleeping or gassy and lets out a cute little squeal when he has a big smile on, he’s following me with his eyes and follows objects as well.  He can pick my voice out and look in my direction even when there’s a lot going on.  At day care he was sound asleep and I walked in and started talking and he immediately woke up and looked for me…it was freaking adorable.  He’s reaching for objects and batting at them.  His leg muscles are great and wants to stand up a lot.  He is holding his head up high and very steady.  He rolled from belly to back!  He’s finding his voice and playing with it.  He’s starting to explore with his mouth, the kid licks everything.  I just bought a necklace that’s safe for babyies so he can play with it while I hold him and I don’t have to worry about keeping it away from his mouth.  He’s grabbing and holding onto things (re: have to buy a baby safe necklace for this reason, too!).  The list just grows and grows every day with things he’s learning.  I’m proud of his smarts!  He’s also so much more alert and stays up for a few hours at a time now.  I try to give him tummy time when he’s awake and happy as much as possible, but it can only be done in small stints being a reflux baby…

His weight is currently 11lb 5.5oz and he’s now 23.5 inches tall.  His weight puts him in the 44th percentile and height he’s at 73% (I believe).  His head measured 15 but I forget what percentile he was placed in for that…but he’s following the curve nicely!

We are still having reflux issues and I have a feeling they are going to up his dosage for zantac at the follow up appointment but for now we have to deal with the spit up as they didn’t recommend changing anything until the next appointment on June 16th.

The poor baby got 4 shots yesterday at his appointment and will be getting 4 more shots in 2 months at his 4 month appointment.  He was sore and cranky after that so we gave him a little tylenol after his 7 o’clock bottle and it helped his ouch legs and made him more comfortable…he was also feeling a little warm which they said would be normal having a low grade fever with the vaccines.  He seems to be much better today, but he is at day care and has been changed into new clothing so I’m wondering if it was a blow out or a spit up issue.

Joey teaches us life lessons all the time…the one he did yesterday was NEVER under ANY circumstances leave the house without an overly stocked diaper bag.  We took him to his appointment expecting to be out of the house for an hour with 3 diapers, wipes, 2 burp rags, a swaddle blanket, and a disposable changing pad.  That’s it.  In the waiting room, sitting in his car seat he had a massive blow out.  MASSIVE.  We had no spare clothes and Joe ran out of wipes as he was cleaning him up.  The burp rags were dirty as well.  OMG.  Good thing we brought a blanket and I had a sweater on that we draped over him in the car seat when we were leaving because otherwise he’d be naked…and it was chilly out.  I will NEVER leave the house without no less than a fully stocked nursery in my bag.  I can’t risk that anymore! LOL.

We have a sleeper, too!  He’s been sleeping great, there’s times we have to wake him up because we need to get him ready for daycare so I think he’d sleep even longer than what he has been if we just didn’t bother him.  I’m going to test that theory out this weekend but we have gotten 7 hour stretches out of him which is absolutely amazing.

There’s been a lot of craziness at home and it has been making me feel pretty isolated and lonely but some of my family is coming up for his christening this weekend so that should help for a little bit.  We are trying to keep it a very small get together because of the craziness and my anxiety/PPD so only immediate family and very close friends have been invited to keep my nerves in check.  This is the longest stretch of time my mom has been separated from the baby since he was born so I have to be careful not to get trampled by her when she comes bolting through my door on Sunday morning!  lol.

Here’s a couple pictures I took of him yesterday on his 2 month anniversary of tearing apart my lady parts!  He’s too adorable – he makes my heart melt! ❤

I'm 2 months old!

I’m 2 months old!

Every time I put the camera to my face he looks at me like I'm an alien LOL

Every time I put the camera to my face he looks at me like I’m an alien LOL

Caught a smile as he was ripping off his sticker!

Caught a smile as he was ripping off his sticker!