31 Weeks! Single digit countdown commences…

I blink and another week goes by – 3 more weeks of class and this may change.  They say this is the hardest part now, just the waiting…but I seriously feel like this is going by super quickly because of how busy I am.  With a demanding school schedule and audit at work I feel like my days are so fast then I blink and its the weekend.

The party was great.  We were down a bunch of people because of that stomach bug that was going around but that’s ok because I’d rather not catch the illness!  There was still around 60 or so people there and it was lovely.  My mother, sister, youngest brother, older brother and his girlfriend made the trip down and that made me really happy because it distracted me from the treatment I received (or didn’t receive) from another “family” member.  They also got to witness how the weekly picture is done lol.

Baby got so many thoughtful gifts, there was so much food, and so many people there to support us.  Baby is lucky to have the people in his life that he does.  We put away as much as we possibly could last night and I am just exhausted.  Oh, and I took a midterm and submitted a project the same day as a party…yes I am absolutely crazy!  I have to make sure I stay on top of school work this week because this is another jam packed weekend with birthing classes and Valentine’s Day!

I’m still waiting on the results of my blood work from last Friday for the bile salts count…it was supposed to be available on Friday but my doctor’s office still hasn’t received the results…I’ll just keep following up until I have some answers so for now we are saying there’s 9 weeks left but that may change based on the results of the blood work.

How far along?    31w3d

Total weight gain/loss? 27 lbs!

Gender?   Boy 🙂

Maternity clothes?  Almost 100% all the time

Stretch marks?   nope!

Sleep?  Sleep is my bff – I was a freaking rock last night, I was out.

Best moment this week?  The party was amazing…the cleanup, not so much lol

Miss anything?   Being able to sit up or get out of a laying position without struggle and being able to put my shoes on without struggle lol

Movement? There’s lots of that!

Food cravings?  nope – I am really enjoying my arugula salads, though.

Anything making you queasy or sick?  nope

Symptoms?   Movement and growing belly!

Labor Signs?  Nope

Belly Button in or out?  Technically it is still in, but if I push or laugh it pops out.  It’s so funny and it bothers my brother so he’s been getting tortured with it lol

Wedding rings on or off?  OFF…my hands have been puffy and quite sore and I am not risking getting them stuck.

Happy or Moody most of the time?   99.9% of the time I am happy

Looking forward to?  This weekend is going to be one for the books…child birth classes on Saturday and Sunday and a dinner at my favorite restaurant on Saturday.  I can’t wait.



I took this picture last Tuesday, so I was 30+4 – I’m ridiculously obsessed with the bump, so much so that most of the time (when I’m home…not out in public!) it is exposed and my hands are just all over it.  I love it.

30w4d bare belly bump

30w4d bare belly bump