Guess who’s back?!

Bless me WordPress, for I have sinned.  It has been about 6 months and 27 days since my last blog post, stay tuned for what’s happened since.

First, this isn’t just a tease and I’m going to leave you again for 6 months.  How can I know this for sure?  Because I am OFFICIALLY finished with graduate school!!  (Wait, what?!) Yes, FINISHED!  The ending was lackluster…it literally just ended and that was it. No fireworks, no confetti, no parade.  Nothing.  Now I just have to anxiously await my grades that should be available on Friday.

There has been a ton that happened since Joey turned 1 so I am planning a couple small-medium sized posts throughout the next week or so to catch up probably along with some ranting posts and funny posts.  How a child learns and grows is amazing and it makes me absolutely certain that you must start early and show your child with your example how to be a decent human being and learn to love others and have an inquisitive mind.  He kept with the sign language and he’s verbalizing and signing full thoughts now so expect to see a love letter -type post about baby sign language.

To keep you engaged I’m going to tease you with a couple pictures from 1 to 1.5 and I’ll have updated stats from his next well visit for you this week 🙂  If there is anything you’d like me to write about, or if one of the pictures makes you wonder “what in the?” or “how was that experience” drop me a note and I’ll be sure to write a post about it for you – I need help getting ideas together anyways since I have almost a 7 month catch up to do now!

I also need to play catch up with those I’m subscribed to.  Bear with me as I get back into the swing of things – I’m working through ideas to get this space better than it was.

Joey turns 1

Holy cow it’s been a year.  I’ll write a full developmental post tomorrow but I wanted to share some fun events from the last month.

He now has 7 teeth, 5 cut in the last 3 weeks with the most recent cutting just a few hours before his birthday.

He is walking like a champ and even runs a tad!  He’s walking more than crawling and even mastered walking in shoes.

He’s always talking, always asking what things are, and now can associate signs to actions.  

His appetite for solid food has drastically increased and he is actually weaning himself off the bottle.  We will be trying milk later today to see how he does with it in the sippy cup.  I’m going to try to limit bottles to morning and night only and then eventually just night only and after that we will try to cut it out completely…I’ll follow his lead, though.

Some of his favorite solid foods to eat are spaghetti, chicken, string cheese, peas, corn, yogurt, and pickles.  Not a huge fan of sweet foods like his mama, but I am not complaining!

He is learning so much so quick it is hard to keep up!

Here’s some pictures over the last couple weeks and his birthday party! (These are posting out of order so I’ll fix that tomorrow)


Baby Joey – 11 months old!

How can it be that we’re in the final month of his first year?  They say it goes by so fast and I can confirm that we just came home from the hospital and I blinked and now have an 11 month old.  It’s insane.

This month has been insane.  Still only have 2 bottom teeth but there are 4 on the top and one more on the bottom that are so close…I hope they all come at once so he doesn’t have to keep dealing with the pain of breaking teeth.

He’s completely independent when it comes to meal time.  He wants to eat what we eat, and boy does he eat.  He’s come so far with meal time just in the last 2 weeks…I’m impressed.  He also tries and keeps trying much more than if I were to try to feed him.  He is quite adventurous when it comes to food.

Also, are you sitting for this one?  Because you should be.  He started walking this week.  (WAIT, WHAT?!) Yes.  Walking.  He takes up to a dozen steps at a time now.  If he is calm and does it on his own he is really REALLY good…when I call him he gets super excited and runs and usually falls on the 6th or 7th step.  But it is all he wants to do now is keep on trying, he has no fear even when he tumbles.  He’s going to be running by his birthday.  I can’t believe I have a walking baby.

He’s also very talkative and has expanded his verbal communication yet again.  His words last month included: mama, dada, baba, gaga, nana (no) and have expanded this month to include: poppop, anna (Illiana, his favorite teacher), and dat (while pointing…meaning “what’s that?”).  It sounded like he said wawa the other day but I am not going to count that until he repeats it again and uses it correctly so for now our count is officially 8 words at 11 months old.  Crazy.

He absolutely loves his signing dvds.  He can care less about what is going on inside the TV unless there is a signing dvd on.

He loves dancing.  Play some music and he bounces.  It’s hilarious.

I can’t believe my little starfish walker is 11 months old… I can’t wait to see how much he develops in this last month of his first year.  My baby boy is getting so big!!






Unfortunately for me I may be face to face with the woman who caused so much anxiety throughout my entire pregnancy and after the baby was born.  The woman who treated me like garbage and lied about me to all her family and turned everyone against me, rather, us. Because of her the baby will not know all of his family members.

I am having crazy anxiety over the possibility of seeing her.  I hate everything she put me through.  I hate what she did to her son.  I hate how she treated both of us.  But because of her we now live very close to my family who has helped us so much so I can’t be completely upset.  I just fear that all those feelings over the last year and a half are going to come back and I’m not going to be able to handle it.  That she’s going to say something to me that will cause an internal melt down.  I’m scared.  I can’t deny her the ability to see her grandson, however I can protect him if I feel attacked again.  If I feel there is no sincerity in her visit. I doubt I will be able to sleep tonight.  Anxiety is very high tonight.  This is not a good night.

Baby Joey – 10 months!

Where is the time going?  I’m planning his first birthday party, making preparations for his 1 year old pictures, and watching as he tries to walk.  My baby is growing up so quickly!

This month was FULL of developments.

WE FINALLY HAVE TEETH! Two, to be precise, with at least one more looking like is very close.  He popped two bottom teeth at the same time in the first week of the new year.  He keeps playing with them and now all he wants is real food and not purees. lol

He went from crawling to standing and cruising and attempting to walk right after his 9 month birthday and now all he wants to do is be vertical.  Always.  He’s knee crawling and transitions from belly to sit in a split second instead of thinking about it.  It’s funny watching because it’s like he’s always done it.

He’s always been a verbal baby but we are making new sounds which include “nana” (he’s saying nono lol I say it a lot), the G is more of a hard G rather than a throat sound saying “gaga.” Dada is still his go to word and can say “mama,” & “baba” we are working on “poppop” but that may take a bit.

He’s picking up on signs really good now.  He can mimic like no other.  He’s remembering some without me showing him so I just have to say “say mama” or “say more” or “say hi” or “say cheese” or “give me the signal” (if you have ever watched Team America: World Police you’ll know exactly what this is).

It’s been quite the month.  His first Christmas was better than I could have imagined. So many people, so much fun.  His poppop and girlfriend came up for New Years and we had a traditional dinner for the first day of the New Year with mom, dad, grandma, uncle Billy, poppop, and Barb.  It was perfect.

Oh! And a huge achievement- he’s off Zantac! We are out of the acid reflux stage!

I’ve been planning his first birthday party, it will be at home and immediate family only as I want to keep it small this year due to school and work restraints and I want it to be a special day.  It’s going to be a Mr. One-derful theme with mustache’s and bow-ties galore!



Baby Joey – 9 months old

How is my baby growing up so quickly???  It is almost time for his first Christmas already!

All throughout Joey’s 8 month we’ve been weaning him off of Nutramigen to see if the lactose intolerance has been outgrown.  Guess what.  This time the weaning was a success!!! We’ve even integrated dairy items into his solid foods including yogurt puffs, string cheese, and he even had a few tastes of panna cotta without any major disasters.  He does reflux a little with the dairy since he’s adjusting but nowhere near the reaction we previously got when attempting to switch back to a gentler milk based formula.  I call that a win!  We’re keeping him on the Zantac for at least another month to let the adjustment to lactose sink in and then we’ll start that weaning process.  I think my baby is going to do just fine 🙂

His school put on a Christmas play on the 17th that was adorable, all the little babies and toddlers with their instruments and singing.  So cute.

He’s holding himself up on objects, trying to stand up from a crawling position with the butt alllll the way up in the air.  He can pull himself up from sitting in the pack and play.  He’s cruising around chasing the cats but gets excited and falls after a few steps.  I just stick close so I can catch him…I want him to explore all for himself so he can learn.  I like watching him try to figure things out for himself.

STILL NO TEETH…hopefully his Christmas wish for 2 front teeth comes true…still have a few days left!

He’s eating big people food like a champ…gumming everything lol.  String cheese is by far his favorite.

I can’t wait until he gets to open his Christmas presents – lots of items to help him develop his standing and walking skills, fine motor skills, and a lot of cause and effect play.  This is going to be the best Christmas ever!




37 weeks in vs 37 weeks out – last picture 2 days before he was born



What my 9 month old really wants for Christmas…

I was inspired by an article I read on huffington post to showcase what my 9 month old son really wants for Christmas.  

You can view this article Here

I stuck to a very small and simple list of gifts for my 9 month old because he is truly entertained by everything except what is purchased specifically for him, especially items that don’t cost anything at all.

If Joey were to write a Christmas list to Santa of the top 10 items he wishes for it would include:

1. This pack of tissues he has been playing with for the past 3 weeks.  

2.  This glittery ornament.

3.  The back of the dining room chairs.  

4.  The only spec on the table.

5. These boxes 

6. The vent in the hall (and of course the edge of the carpet too…let’s call this a combo gift)

7. The cats food and water bowls

8. Whatever is under the table (usually nothing, sometimes a cat)

9. Any kitchen drawer

10. This big shiny drawer of coldness

Now I challenge you, if your infant or toddler could write a letter to Santa of the top 10 items s/he wishes for Christmas, what would it include? 

Merry Christmas xoxo