Just keep swimming.

Ever have one of those days, weeks, or months that just really test how much you can handle?  That’s me.  Right now.  Work has been keeping me on my toes so much more than usual and I’m barely keeping my head above water.

Queue checking into my blog to see that when I shared my last post, someone thought it would be funny/make me mad to rate a ton of my posts as one star.  I can see the date and time it was done which correlated to the day I shared my last post.  Thanks to my sharing on facebook, I got a troll.  You know what though, it doesn’t bother me!  Even as stressed out as I am right now, not one single F is given!  I just want whomever did it to know that you will never break me, I can care less about your childish behavior, and I likely don’t even talk to you because you did me wrong at some point.  Get over it…I have.

And now I just have to remind myself that this craziness is not going to last forever so I need to take Dory’s advice and “Just keep swimming”

Tell me, again, why I decided this is a great time to tackle re-doing two rooms, too? I feel like I ask for it sometimes.

Here’s to 2018 – the year of doing weird stuff, traveling, and an added not caring about petty people! 🙂

And maybe a few actual blog posts this year.  Promises, Promises.  🙂