Rough Times

Have you ever had one of those days/weeks that you just feel like you can’t do anything to make yourself happy?

Yes, I feel like I am doing an excellent job as a mom even when having some particularly rough days.  Yes, I feel like I am accomplishing my tasks as an employee and doing a damn fine job at it.

What I am NOT doing very well at is taking care of me.  I put everyone and everything in front of my basic needs.  I don’t have nearly as many opportunities for adult interaction as the normal working mom and when I do they are sparse or interrupted by my constant need to make sure my child isn’t falling off a couch and breaking his neck.  I am constantly distracted with work and mothering that my need to be my own person is swept under the rug.  I feel selfish that I am upset that I forget who I am or that I used to be the funny entertaining one that loved talking and interacting with people.

It’s just been a rough week…and I needed a little rant.  And maybe a break.



3 thoughts on “Rough Times

  1. i can relate to this so much. i had realized i had totally lost myself months ago but there was virtually nothing i could do about it as i was a stay at home mom with a part-time job working from home and no daycare. i found a place for maeve to go once a week in november and then she finally dropped her morning nap in january so i started to going to the gym and putting her in the daycare there. that one hour a day worked wonders! then she got into school 2 days a week in march and that is when i really started feeling like myself. i planned my work days on her school days and i also planned my self care on those days. i do something that is just for me at least once a week. i too had many moments were i thought to myself i was a fun, funny, outgoing person before i became a mom, what happened to that girl? i let my husband know i was struggling and that i needed a few nights/days to do things that i wanted to do with my friends. he totally agreed and i did quite a few things with my girlfriends. nights out, a weekend away. doing those things totally brought “me” back out and it really helped me mentally. maeve is home from school for the summer now and i am back to absolutely no alone time so i have to get back into a groove with that whole thing again but just those few months of time to myself did a world of good. good luck!

    • It’s nice to hear I am not the only one…and it is unfortunate we get trapped in this loop. Good luck to you and I’m going to try working on a few things for myself. It’s rough being a full time employee and a full time mommy/wife. I’ve had a few meltdowns that were just so unnecessary but it was just a build up of so much and not being able to feel like me just tipped me over the edge.

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