Rough Times

Have you ever had one of those days/weeks that you just feel like you can’t do anything to make yourself happy?

Yes, I feel like I am doing an excellent job as a mom even when having some particularly rough days.  Yes, I feel like I am accomplishing my tasks as an employee and doing a damn fine job at it.

What I am NOT doing very well at is taking care of me.  I put everyone and everything in front of my basic needs.  I don’t have nearly as many opportunities for adult interaction as the normal working mom and when I do they are sparse or interrupted by my constant need to make sure my child isn’t falling off a couch and breaking his neck.  I am constantly distracted with work and mothering that my need to be my own person is swept under the rug.  I feel selfish that I am upset that I forget who I am or that I used to be the funny entertaining one that loved talking and interacting with people.

It’s just been a rough week…and I needed a little rant.  And maybe a break.