A happy and sad day. Happy Mother’s Day

Can you believe that 4 years ago on this day we found out that for the very first time the IVF was successful and I was finally pregnant.  Little did I know this would be our first Angel Baby


Yes, I know this should be a happy day for me since I have my Joey, but it also comes with great sadness…I should have 4 babies but instead 3 have become angels.  Time does not heal, it only changes the way you handle the pain.

I can remember so many Mother’s days being so completely depressed that I was empty handed again.  I can also remember Mother’s days weeping over the loss of my babies.  I still weep to this day but it is of happiness and sorrow as I love my Joey so much but still mourn the loss of my angels.

It doesn’t get easier…it just gets different.

To the mommies waiting to fill their arms, to the mommies mourning the loss of their babies…stay strong, especially on this day.  You are so strong for all that you have been through, just remember that.




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