Naked and Afraid.

I felt the title was appropriate because that is exactly what I am right now.  Except I’m in a robe.

Why am I afraid?  Plain and simple, I’m afraid of the unknown.  I’m afraid for my child’s future.  I’m afraid for my friends and family.  I’m afraid for this country.

Now, it doesn’t matter who was elected president, the hate would have still been there regardless of the outcome and it would probably be just as bad as it is now, if not worse, if the other party won.  I’m not generalizing, it’s not everyone but there are a lot of people right now who have gone absolutely batshit crazy over the outcome of this election on both sides which is why I know it would have been the same if the results were flipped.

I really try to keep peace and promote love and happiness, but it is becoming exceedingly difficult to do so when I see violent protests from those who didn’t “win” and downright racist and bigoted comments, gestures, and actions from those who drank the spiked punch at the Trump rallies.  I find it difficult to believe if Hillary won we wouldn’t have seen any of this, either.  The ones who supported Trump based on racism and hate [not the ones who educated themselves on his plans] would have been rioting and spouting the same hate filled comments, gestures, and actions while select Hillary supporters would have been rubbing their victory in the wrong person’s face.  I’ve had family and friends attacked verbally and physically.  How am I supposed to promote happiness when we are surrounded in such hate?  I’m so sad.

The crazies seem to be coming out in large numbers and it scares me to think they have been there filled with so much hate for so long.  It’s like these ‘Americans’ are our new terrorist threats.  Our own ‘people’.  We made that.  This country made that.  How did WE let it get this bad?

One thing I can think of is we aren’t doing our jobs at home.  There’s not much we can do right now to show these damaged people the way, but they surely need help and I pray that they either find the way or are stopped by the law.  What we CAN do is prevent this disgusting show from ever happening again.  How?  We need to raise our children to love each other regardless of color, birth country, religion, sexual orientation, disability, or any other “difference” they may have.  EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT.  EVERYONE IS UNIQUE.  EVERYONE IS BEAUTIFUL.  We need to raise our children to respect our country and our laws.  They need to respect authority figures.  They also need to know their rights and how to get their voices heard in a respectful but powerful way, not through bullying, name calling, and violence.

While I cry about the crumbling of people I call “fellow Americans” and figure out how to continue to promote love and happiness I will make sure that I pay extra attention to ensure my son grows up to love and respect all.  I will also take extra care in those children who surround me and my family and make sure that they see only love and respect flow from my words and actions and be an example of the good this country (and world) so desperately needs.  We need to fix the future for our children.  We need to be the change.

Please, stop the violence.  Our children need to see that this country is great and can do great things.  Right now, the future looks dim but complaining doesn’t fix a damn thing.  DO SOMETHING.

EDIT…I have friends and family who have voted in both directions and I support their decisions and respect them for it.  This is not response to the entirety of either party.  These acts are being committed by a small percentage of the supporters on either side but I don’t think anyone realized how deranged people could get over an upset or a victory.


Holy Sick!

Why is it that a few days after I complete graduate school and have plans to do ALL THE THINGS do I get ridiculously sick and it lingers for going on 2 weeks…

Our little mini vacation was filled with sickness.

Once I feel better I’ll be posting so much you’ll hate me.  LOL.  For now, I’m going to go die in a corner shivering and coughing :/