Joey turns 1

Holy cow it’s been a year.  I’ll write a full developmental post tomorrow but I wanted to share some fun events from the last month.

He now has 7 teeth, 5 cut in the last 3 weeks with the most recent cutting just a few hours before his birthday.

He is walking like a champ and even runs a tad!  He’s walking more than crawling and even mastered walking in shoes.

He’s always talking, always asking what things are, and now can associate signs to actions.  

His appetite for solid food has drastically increased and he is actually weaning himself off the bottle.  We will be trying milk later today to see how he does with it in the sippy cup.  I’m going to try to limit bottles to morning and night only and then eventually just night only and after that we will try to cut it out completely…I’ll follow his lead, though.

Some of his favorite solid foods to eat are spaghetti, chicken, string cheese, peas, corn, yogurt, and pickles.  Not a huge fan of sweet foods like his mama, but I am not complaining!

He is learning so much so quick it is hard to keep up!

Here’s some pictures over the last couple weeks and his birthday party! (These are posting out of order so I’ll fix that tomorrow)