Baby Joey – 10 months!

Where is the time going?  I’m planning his first birthday party, making preparations for his 1 year old pictures, and watching as he tries to walk.  My baby is growing up so quickly!

This month was FULL of developments.

WE FINALLY HAVE TEETH! Two, to be precise, with at least one more looking like is very close.  He popped two bottom teeth at the same time in the first week of the new year.  He keeps playing with them and now all he wants is real food and not purees. lol

He went from crawling to standing and cruising and attempting to walk right after his 9 month birthday and now all he wants to do is be vertical.  Always.  He’s knee crawling and transitions from belly to sit in a split second instead of thinking about it.  It’s funny watching because it’s like he’s always done it.

He’s always been a verbal baby but we are making new sounds which include “nana” (he’s saying nono lol I say it a lot), the G is more of a hard G rather than a throat sound saying “gaga.” Dada is still his go to word and can say “mama,” & “baba” we are working on “poppop” but that may take a bit.

He’s picking up on signs really good now.  He can mimic like no other.  He’s remembering some without me showing him so I just have to say “say mama” or “say more” or “say hi” or “say cheese” or “give me the signal” (if you have ever watched Team America: World Police you’ll know exactly what this is).

It’s been quite the month.  His first Christmas was better than I could have imagined. So many people, so much fun.  His poppop and girlfriend came up for New Years and we had a traditional dinner for the first day of the New Year with mom, dad, grandma, uncle Billy, poppop, and Barb.  It was perfect.

Oh! And a huge achievement- he’s off Zantac! We are out of the acid reflux stage!

I’ve been planning his first birthday party, it will be at home and immediate family only as I want to keep it small this year due to school and work restraints and I want it to be a special day.  It’s going to be a Mr. One-derful theme with mustache’s and bow-ties galore!