What my 9 month old really wants for Christmas…

I was inspired by an article I read on huffington post to showcase what my 9 month old son really wants for Christmas.  

You can view this article Here

I stuck to a very small and simple list of gifts for my 9 month old because he is truly entertained by everything except what is purchased specifically for him, especially items that don’t cost anything at all.

If Joey were to write a Christmas list to Santa of the top 10 items he wishes for it would include:

1. This pack of tissues he has been playing with for the past 3 weeks.  

2.  This glittery ornament.

3.  The back of the dining room chairs.  

4.  The only spec on the table.

5. These boxes 

6. The vent in the hall (and of course the edge of the carpet too…let’s call this a combo gift)

7. The cats food and water bowls

8. Whatever is under the table (usually nothing, sometimes a cat)

9. Any kitchen drawer

10. This big shiny drawer of coldness

Now I challenge you, if your infant or toddler could write a letter to Santa of the top 10 items s/he wishes for Christmas, what would it include? 

Merry Christmas xoxo


6 thoughts on “What my 9 month old really wants for Christmas…

  1. 1) the plastic colander. It’s fun to put things in it and push around the floor!
    2) Unlimited access to the bottom dresser drawer. Taking out the shirts and stuffing them back in is great!
    3) The TV and DVD remotes.
    4) Her own pack of baby wipes to open and suck on (I don’t know why she likes them so much!)

  2. 1) unlimited access to
    Open ans closing the cd tray in the laptop/dvd player/ music system
    2) acess to all the gas knobs on the stove to play with
    3)the toilet bowl
    4)no diaper changes ever!!
    5)drink his bath water.

    • Hahaha all good ones! I bet if we didn’t block off that side of the kitchen constantly he’d be after the knobs as well! Basically anything not allowed is on the list!

  3. Levi would love:
    1. To be allowed to play with all the things in the kitchen drawers. Despite the childproof locks that one of the boys actually broke!
    2. To bite us without us yelling at him.
    3. To sleep in our bed all night, every night with unlimited boob access.
    4. More boob.
    5. To pull out every wet wipe and eat them.
    6. To catch the dog and snuggle/bite him.
    7. No more diaper changes!!
    8. To stay nakie.
    9. For daddy to NEVER leave the room.
    10. The remote. And the batteries inside it.

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