Baby Joey – 8 Months

Sorry this is 4 days late but it’s been a crazy week here on the home front.  We’ve been going through a full heater install, with duct work and all, and a whole house humidifier and air purifier.

We visited pop pop on his 8 month birthday in Philly.

These last 8 months just blew by and this little guy is a real mover now.  He’s been crawling for a couple weeks but he’s super fast now.  The cats underestimate his speed and it is pretty funny when they get caught!  I’m giving him his space to figure out things but intervening when I sense he could get hurt.  He’s a champion sitter and can seamlessly transition from sitting to crawling but he still has some tendencies to topple over when he gets excited.  As long as he is not near anything that can hurt him I let him go (if it is not on hardwood floor, that is) so he knows he has to control his movements to prevent the topple.

He started 2 days/week at a daycare that also is a learning center and has already started his permanent educational record which is pretty freaking cool.  Everyone at the facility is very nice and he took a liking to all of them really quick.  There is one little girl in his class that he just loves, too.  Her name is Madison.  He doesn’t wave goodbye to anyone but he waves goodbye to her.

He’s been doing awesome with his food, he’s up to 4 solid meals each day, cereal, fruit, vegetable, cereal with bananas.  I think he had another growth spurt because he just feels so much heavier in the last week and a half and he’s been sleeping a lot.  He seems a tad taller too (which, seriously, I have a toddler not an 8 month old.  He’s in 12 month clothes and I don’t think that is going to last long…)

We started the transition off of Nutramigen.  We are very very slowly introducing GentleEase which has the lactose broken down, just not nearly as much as the Nutramigen so it is definitely a step up.  Last week we did a whole week of 20% GentleEase, 80% Nutramigen with no issues so we moved up to 40% & 60% this week with no issues so far.  We will keep increasing by 20% until he is fully weaned off of it but I have a lot of hope that this is finally happening after several failed attempts.  I think he is old enough, big enough, and functional enough at this point where his body can handle the transition.

Other than that he is just his typical happy self with (still) no teeth. LOL.  I have a feeling this next month is just going to fly by but I also can’t wait for his first Christmas.  We are putting the tree up on Friday 🙂  Can’t wait!



























‘Tis the season to be….self-entitled, narcissistic, complaining grinches?

I just needed to vent a little bit because I can NOT believe what society has come to.  Everyone feels their opinion is, in fact, the ONLY opinion.  Everyone takes everything personally.  Everyone is acting like babies whining about anything that may bother them.  I’m sorry but my baby who has acid reflux and lactose allergies does not cry nearly as much as these self-entitled complainers who are ruining the holiday season for everyone.

Seriously…a red cup is the center of attention right now when there are far worse things in the world that need the exposure than a cup meant to not offend anyone (but still did…).  This red cup of controversy was meant to be a blank canvas for you to write your own holiday story on.  It was one of hope and cheer that everyone has a great holiday season no matter what your beliefs or customs, but instead it was pegged as waging a war on Christmas.  I’d like to wage a war on whatever idiot started that.  How about we make poverty a trending item so that people are more aware of IMPORTANT issues the world faces.  Or about how natural disasters and complex humanitarian emergencies are causing displacement and health issues in the developing countries?  Have we quickly forgotten that image of the drowned Syrian boy?  These are the real issues.  These issues need to be discussed.  These issues need to be trending so that maybe we can figure out how to end or simply just help out one another who is faced with real struggles.

Why is it that we have to walk on egg shells not to offend someone and even our very efforts to try to avoid offending anyone result in an even worse scenario than if we put a damn Christmas tree on a cup?

Now I see in the trending articles that Target has been pegged with being insensitive to people with mental disorders because of a cute play on words on a Christmas shirt.  It says “OCD: Obsessive Christmas Disorder.”  It’s cute.  It’s funny.  And apparently it is now offensive.  I bet whomever started the complaint doesn’t even have the disorder.  That they just wanted to complain to see if they, too, could create a viral complaint based on nonsense.  I have terrible anxiety that only gets worse with age but any chance I get to laugh at my flaws is a good thing.  I don’t want anxiety to define me, I’d rather laugh at my craziness because I know that most of the time I am anxious for no good reason and just can’t control my emotions.

These people grinches are ruining the holiday spirit.  I don’t care what your beliefs are, I will wish you well and practice my own traditions with a smile on my face.

My holiday wish this season is to put an end to nonsensical complaints and make people aware of the real issues of this world.  Hunger, Poverty, Communicable and Non-Communicable Diseases, Natural Disasters, Complex Humanitarian Emergencies, Genocide, Illiteracy, and the Health of the Mother and Child to name a few.  Educate yourself on one of the topics.  There are ways WE can help.  I challenge you to pick a real issue and find a way that YOU can help.  Maybe you can make it a holiday tradition in your family to find a way to help out in some way, wouldn’t it feel good to know that you helped in a real effort to end one of the many issues this world faces?  Our children will inherit what we leave behind, do we want them to be complainers or do we want them to make a difference?  Set a good example people.

Merry Christmas

Happy Hannuka

Joyous Kwanza

Whatever your beliefs or traditions, I hope you have a joyous holiday season.