Baby Joey – 6 months!

On September 21st at 7:22pm, our little rainbow baby will be 6 months old. One half of a year old.  Where did the time go?  My little baby is a little man.  I just can’t believe it.

This passed month has been crazy.  The house we were under contract for fell through, the sellers decided to pull out of the deal which was devastating.  That same week we were a part of my best friend’s wedding (Joey’s godmother) and that same weekend we went up north to house hunt again and found a new house that we are settling on in, hopefully, 9 days!  This house is perfect and I can’t wait to watch Joe and our little man transform this house into our home by putting our little touches on it.

Joey has been a blessing, as always.  Still no teeth but I can’t imagine we are going to wait much longer since his gums are so hard and he’s just been chewing on everything and there’s non stop drool.  He’s also been pulling at his ears and rubbing his face a lot so I think we are on the verge.  I also think he’s going to sprout a couple at once just based on how hard his gums are and how white they are.

We are great with sitting, the back is no longer arched and he sits straight up, just have to work on balance as he is not yet an independent sitter and we have to keep an eye on him.  He can do sit ups if we hold his legs so the upper body is definitely gaining a ton of strength.

Standing is another story, still great at that.  I can actually hold just his hips now and he has great balance with his upper body.  He’ll stand holding a couch, too, he just ends up eating the couch lol.

Thursday we have a doctor’s appointment where we will get his height, weight, and more shots.  He’s so tall…I can’t wait to hear what percentile he is now.  He’s a tall bean pole.

We had a fever scare last week when he woke up around midnight with a 102 fever and a few days later I had the equivalent of a 105 fever.  The fever broke in under 2 days but no other major symptoms.  He had hives on his legs a few weeks ago but it went away quickly while I was covered head to toe in hives for 2 weeks and it didn’t go away until I had a high fever.  I am unsure if the two are related…

He has been saying “dada” for over a month now and he said “mama” twice now.  He won’t repeat it, though.  He is good with his b’s, too and has said “baba” but we don’t call his bottle that so I think it was purely accidental.  

We are on the verge of crawling.  He is able to inch when he wants to but he ends up getting super frustrated because he is not getting where he wants to go quick enough.  He is great at push ups and has been starting to pull his legs under his body and putting his butt in the air so I think crawling is definitely really close.  

The little dude is really impressive to us just crushing all of his milestones well ahead of time so we are definitely extremely proud of this guy.  We push him and he loves it.  We want to see him use his brain to its fullest potential and starting young is key.  Although I am desperate to push the pause button on life, I am so excited to watch him learn and grow.  I just love watching his face as he discovers something new.  It makes my heart swell.

Happy half birthday, my little man.  Daddy and I love you so much.  I can’t wait to begin our new life up north ❤️


What is motherhood?  

When I first embarked on this journey to motherhood five years ago at the fertility office I had a totally different view of motherhood.

I remember all the happy times growing up with my mom and siblings.  She loved us unconditionally.

I saw all the pictures mothers posted of their loved little ones on Instagram and Facebook.  Everything looked “picture perfect”

Don’t be fooled by these pictures.  It is definitely not all sunshine and rainbows…

Don’t get me wrong I would go through anything for my child, some days are just harder than others.  Some days are amazing.  And some make me question “what the heck am I doing??”

Here’s a set of real pictures that I believe show every side of motherhood for me:

Motherhood is..

Putting your one week old, freshly out of the NICU in the cutest onesie for newborn pictures and he is completely unimpressed…

It is hoping he doesn’t poo, pee, or puke on your wedding gown just so you can get that perfect picture.  We did.  And the only thing that got pooped on, peed on, AND puked on was me 😳

 wedding dress with no poo

It is never being able to dress your child in yellow again after having to return to the NICU because his Bilirubin score jumped up over 19

never wear yellow again

It is being super excited for your child to meet his godfather only for him to be completely unimpressed

meeting the godfather

It is being so excited to pick up your child from daycare at 6 weeks old because you’ve never been away from him for that many hours before (thank you USA for shitty maternity leave…)

saving baby from first day of daycare

It is being the cause of his first cut and first real tear

being the cause of his first cut and first tear

It is hating bath time

loving bath time

It is pouting when he does “the lip” but it is the cutest little sad face ever

the lip
It is hoping he doesn’t explosive poo while in his white baptism suit that he completely despised

hating baptism suit

I may look composed here, but don’t be fooled…I was scared to death since he didn’t poop yet and was cranky all day.  Thank God the priest bored him to sleep!!

It is trying to see if he really is allergic to milk by reintroducing it only to end up experiencing the week of never ending poo and rashes.  FU milk allergy.

the week of poo

Motherhood is being scared seeing triple digits on the thermometer…
Or texting pictures of what looks like hives to your mom and the doctor out of fear that it just may be a flesh eating bacteria.  Trust me, it is not
But even though you are scared and now sick yourself, the only thing that stops the crying is snuggling with mommy 
Motherhood is a challenge you need to face head on.  Cooing and smiles are not constant…sometimes it is just non stop screaming because your baby cannot tell you what he needs but you try anything and everything in an attempt to calm him down.  Is he hungry? Is he wet? Is he too hot?  Is he too cold?  Does he have a fever?  Is this teething?  But nothing stops the screaming sometimes.

Eventually things calm down.  This is not an everyday thing, but it is real.  It happens. What makes it better are days like this

And this

And this

But be warned…there are days that you are trapped under a baby and need a drink so bad you take an awkward picture of yourself and text it to daddy to show the severity of your thirst in order to hurry the drink fetching up #notashamed

It is watching your baby discover his love for oatmeal and not being able to feed him fast enough (or clean enough)…

Or completely despise everything you put in his mouth that day because he didn’t nap…

tired feedings
It is also the very real possibility that he will poop in the high chair…which almost always ends up in a blowout.  No lie.


There are days that my patience is definitely tested but it all fades away and is always replaced by the beauty you see on Instagram

Screams are replaced with smiles


He will start learning things that will continually amaze you and make you realize that one day he won’t need you

Motherhood is a lifelong thing, But they won’t be little for long so take advantage of the mommy snuggles as much as possible…one day you will have your last snuggle and you won’t realize it until it has already happened… Dirty floors can wait, you’ll be cleaning them forever…baby snuggles don’t last as long.


And through it all, you must learn to look back and laugh at all the times you pulled your hair out or went to bed crying from the stress us mothers have because how can you not just smile and giggle at the cutest fucking face in the whole world.  And he is all yours.

When that day finally comes when you realize you had your last snuggle, just close your eyes and think of when you first made eye contact.  This is where the phrase “love at first sight” has true meaning.

first eye contact
I’m sure I’ll post a part 2 of this as time moves on, but I’ll be enjoying the good and the crazy because it doesn’t last forever.  Monday will make 6 months for us and I need to take advantage of this as much as I can.