I really have a 3 month old?

I can’t believe how quickly time is flying…it’s just pure craziness!

A lot has happened in the last month.  We had a return visit to the gastroenterologist who upped his dose of Zantac to three times a day @0.80mL per dose (instead of 2x/day @0.70mL).  He is growing perfectly weighing in at 13lbs on the nose which puts him somewhere around the 50th percentile for weight, he is 24.25 inches tall which is about the 70th percentile.  When you do a weight to height ratio, though, he is under the 25th percentile which really only means he takes after his mama…a bean pole!  The vomiting has been controlled now for a while, just a little tiny bit of spit up here and there.  He’s beginning to actually like bath time (although once he gets OUT…that’s a whole other story…).  He rolls over, he keeps his head up the entire time he does tummy time, he puts weight on his feet when he stands (all things he has been doing for a number of weeks but are all milestones meant for 4 month olds!).  We knew we had a strong guy…this just proves it.  The NP was impressed on how he stands with weight on his feet!  One thing they told us we need to do is get him pooping better…he goes more than a day without pooping all the time and when it comes out it is pasty so we are supposed to start giving him 1tsp of prune juice twice a day to help the situation.  Other than that he’s a healthy strong GROWING boy!

This child is in 6 month clothes already!  The women’s center is going to love me for all the donations 🙂

We are starting to get a little happier, too.  There’s still some times he is crazy but they seem to be lessening now which is a relief…but when he does have a crazy spell WATCH OUT…especially if it is a rainy day and we can’t take him for a walk.  (He currently hates the car seat AND stroller so we have to walk him outside by holding him to get him calm…).

This mama is starting her 5th class of the Graduate program in just over a week, which means only 7 more classes to go after that.  I can’t wait for this to be over…I’m going to be so busy I’m not going to know what to do with myself…but I have to keep my head in the game because I am doing it for my family.  They deserve to have a great life.  I’ve also completely transitioned into the working from home thing…it is quite crazy working full time WHILE taking care of a baby but I do it and I’m happy to be able to.  I have to travel 1 day a week so that’s not a bad deal…the baby goes into day care on those days.  Sometimes I have to do 2 days a week but that will be ending after the summer and my travel days will most likely be cut in half.

I’ll hopefully be giving baby his first pool experience just before his 4 month birthday so I’ll update on that experience on his 4 month post!  I must be going now, time to celebrate father’s day!  We got a nice brunch planned for daddy at the Bluebell Inn 🙂


3 thoughts on “I really have a 3 month old?

  1. I told you – bionic babies! haha Maeve is 8 weeks old and has been standing with strong legs since last week! holding her head up and rolling over from back to tummy to the left and right. way to go Joey! strong boy xo. glad to hear his reflux is getting better. poor little things when they go through that. makes me feel so bad.

    • He has such an expressive face. Everyone tells me he can’t hide his expressions just like his mommy lol. I didn’t know I was that obvious 😊

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