Milk Allergy and Reflux

While a lot of people will never know why their baby is colicky we actually have some answers (and relief!).  I bow down and worship the parents who never got relief and just had to wait it out, a couple weeks of the crying sent me in a panic and I was an absolute mess and thought I was a terrible mother for being unable to help ease my son’s pain.

After many formula switches we discovered he has a cows milk allergy and has reflux.  He is now on Nutramigen and it is in the process of being preauthorized through our insurance to be covered (thank god, it is super expensive!).  He also has reflux issues that appear to be lessening on the new formula.  The doctor said to give it a week and if it doesn’t clear up completely he will prescribe a medication to help.  After the switch we saw a difference almost immediately!  I can’t believe our poor boy was in pain as long as he was but I am SO glad we figured out the problem.  I couldn’t bear seeing him suffer 😦

Now I’m trying to get as much QT as possible before I return to work on Monday.  6 weeks is definitely not long enough time to take for maternity leave!  I’ve also learned how to apply makeup one handed – have our first date since the baby was born for my belated birthday dinner and visiting my family this weekend.  I’ve also written this entire post with one hand 😉

Next week I’ll detail his symptoms in case it can help anyone out…my arm is officially numb and its feeding time – hope everyone has a great weekend!



7 thoughts on “Milk Allergy and Reflux

  1. I’m so glad you figured it out and got some answers!

    After months of eczema breakouts, we finally figured that we are dealing with milk allergy as well. I do plan to blog about it soon. In fact, I started elimination method 10days back and it finally seems to helping us.

  2. sweet boy. i am so glad you got this figured out and you are all finding some relief. back to work already?! i hope it’s a good transition for all you.

  3. We’re currently on this journey ourselves! Perhaps we can help each other out ha! Have a look at my posts, hopefully you’ll find them a little helpful.

    • can you send me a link? When I click on your name it sends me to an inactive account 😦

      I’d love to see what you’ve gone through with Nutramigen and weaning…we have been completely unsuccessful but I also may be trying to early – he’s been on it for about 6 months now and started when he was 6 weeks old.

      • Hi,
        Sorry I’m new to the world of blogging (and by new I mean rubbish!) it’s all hit and miss with us at the moment. My LO has been on Nutramigen since he was 6 weeks too. He has just turned 6 months now and things are still interesting. This is my link;

        Hope that works!

  4. Hi,
    it won’t let me comment you back on my blog post for some reason (as previously mentioned I’m still learning!) but my page is called – ‘Nutramigen Mams & Dads’ on Facebook. Your more than welcome to join!

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