So this is colic? Happy Birthday to me!

Over the last few weeks my handsome baby has grown more uncomfortable and fussy no matter what we tried to do to help.  He grew ever more frustrated as the day went on and would be a semi normal happy baby by morning only for the whole process to start all over again.  The severity increased daily.  Sometimes he would have bouts of inconsolable crying that made me so upset that I could literally do nothing to comfort him.  We tried changing him, feeding him, burping him, rocking him, holding him tightly, bouncing on the yoga ball, going for walks, karo syrup to help move his bowels, gripe water, gas drops, switching formulas, colic drops, all with no results (and all under doctor’s recommendations).  Yesterday was by far the worst day of them all.  I couldn’t handle all the crying and was inconsolable myself…ugly faced crying trying to figure out how to help my baby.

He went for a drive and finally passed out, woke up again, ate in the car, and passed out again.  The doctor said the word I didn’t want to hear, colic, and recommended that we do another formula switch, this time to Nutramigen and so far he’s doing well on it…but it hasn’t even been a day yet and these switches take a week or so to see the full effects.  I already have a much happier baby but that can all change if his little tummy doesn’t agree with the switch.  I thought he may have reflux but since he is not spitting up this was dismissed by his doctor.

Anyone ever try to get a prescription for formula?  I’ve heard that if this is what works for him, and since it is so darn expensive and is considered a formula for allergies, that we can get a prescription for it and insurance would help pay for it since it is so freaking expensive!  I have no idea how to proceed with that, obviously obtain the prescription first, but where do I buy formula from?  How does insurance chime in and pay?  Is it reimbursement?  That’s where I am lost.

I’m just hoping that the inconsolable crying is over because it really broke my heart!  He woke up great today, pooped twice already, ate and burped like a champ and has been sleeping soundly most of the day.  I was actually able to vacuum and steam the living room and dining room while he slept and am taking a breather right now…I can’t overwork myself on my birthday!


EDIT: don’t mind my appearance, I literally woke up like that…so that’s me, hair a mess, teeth unbrushed, and a finally content baby sleeping on my chest after his morning feeding.


4 thoughts on “So this is colic? Happy Birthday to me!

  1. I’m sorry your little guy is having such a hard time. We had similar issues and never got any clear answers when baby girl was that young. Part of the problem, I think, was reflux. Just because he’s not spitting up doesn’t mean it’s not reflux. Baby girl was the same way. Silent reflux is when the acid comes up into the esophagus but there’s no spitting up, just horrible pain. If he has “juicy” burps, arches his back, or has lots of hiccups, those are all signs of silent reflux. Also, dairy (and later soy and eggs) seemed to make our little one’s reflux worse. If you’re having issues with formulas, it could be a dairy sensitivity/intolerance. I know it’s hard to be unable to soothe your sweet baby, and I hope things get better soon!

  2. Im soooo sorry to hear this! We had a rough go with Toby for awhile too. He did end up getting diagnoes with silent reflux. Silent because he never spit up. He was put on some meds and was doing a lot better. I also cut out dairy – maybe consider a soy-based formula (maybe you already have?). When you’re in the throws of it, this period is soooo hard. It WILL pass. Hang in there.

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