Eat, Sleep, Poop and Repeat! Baby C’s first month.

I can’t believe it’s been a month since baby made his overly dramatic entrance into this world!  What a crazy last 4 weeks it has been between being separated from him, finally getting to officially meet him in a coherent state of mind, taking him home, having to return him to the NICU, bringing him home AGAIN, learning how to take care of him, and finding out that my boobs don’t know how to boob.  There’s been happy days and sad days, crazy days and calm days, days with no poop and days with more poop than any one person can handle.  I wouldn’t trade any of these days for the world because at the end of the day, the little man who built this new and much more exciting roller coaster we are currently riding is our son.  It’s been so many years since we embarked on the first roller coaster and I’m happy to say that the ART/IVF ride is officially closed for maintenance…it may be reopened again in the future but only time will tell as that was one of the scariest rides I have ever been on in my entire life.

So where do I start?  A lot has happened in the last month that it is hard to find a good place to begin explaining this new chapter of my life.  I am now an Earth Mommy!  I have had lots of experience changing diapers so that was no biggie to me, but to Joe it was a little scary at first…I’m happy to say that he QUICKLY adapted.  He still has some incidents of getting pee everywhere or just last night baby pooped mid diaper change (it was HILARIOUS btw) but he’s a diapering champ right now as long as he remembers to grab the pee pee tee pee and look for his facial expression telling him he’s pooping lol – but at 2am who’s really paying attention?  By the way, Darling…if you’re reading this…I cleaned the poop off the wall.  You’re welcome.

Speaking of 2am…this baby is a great sleeper for his age.  From the beginning he did two 4 hour stretches back to back at night, 2am being the wake up to get changed and fed time so it’s not like we are up all hours of the night.  We’ve had a couple 5-6 hour stretches mixed in there, too!  There was only one bad night that he just wouldn’t calm down and fall asleep, but it was because of gas and the formula he was on causing him to be a little backed up.  Yes, I said formula…remember I said my boobs forgot how to boob?  I know breast is best but that didn’t work out the way I wanted to so please don’t judge.  At baby’s 2 weeks of age my boobs just decided they had enough and threw in the white breast pad.  They couldn’t deal.  After never having that skin to skin right after delivery, being separated from him for 27 hours after delivery, the nurses preventing me from seeing him as much as I wanted, never being taught how to use a breast pump rather one just being thrown at me in the hospital, going home without baby, finally getting baby home and being told we need to make sure he eats and poops to help with the jaundice (which meant I had to pump and bottle feed to ensure he was taking in enough milk), him returning to the NICU because of increased jaundice, and all the stress I went through, my boobs just said “FU” and gave up.  I was REALLY upset at first, I felt like a failure to my baby…but now I see it as a blessing in disguise.  The formula they had him on in the NICU helped him get better, now we can closely monitor his eating and expulsion and he sleeps longer than with breast milk.  We had a bout of constipation where we had to incorporate dark karo syrup to help move things along (1 tsp mixed in with his formula per doctor’s orders) but we had to do it every day because he could never get things going on his own and the karo caused explosions which I can’t imagine was comfortable at all for baby.  I felt so bad.  So we changed him to GentleEase and that’s been amazing.  He’s eating regularly and pooping on his own!

The first 2 weeks of baby’s life he did not do a lot of anything but eating, sleeping, pooping, and peeing…he was pretty calm and rarely made a peep.  The third week he was a little more alert and gaining his muscle strength.  So many people told us we had a very strong baby!  In the fourth week he really started to get more attentive and is now awake a lot more during the day.  He’s been pretty gassy so the awake part has it’s fair share of crying but we’ve discovered some ways to remedy that.  Laying on his belly for tummy time is a good gas relief, as is working his legs like a bicycle.  This morning I discovered that having him stand up (not all babies will be able to do that this young but his leg muscles are incredible) helps him push more air out and that helps with the fussiness.  He’s also a HUGE fan of the yoga ball and loves when I bounce on it with him in tow.  I swear he’s going to make me a smaller size than before I was pregnant…I ordered my bridesmaid dress on Saturday and I had to order two sizes down from my pre-pregnancy dress size from this particular store!

Yesterday we had his 1 month check up and he weighed in at 9lb7oz and was measured at 22 inches.  That’s 3 inches taller than his birth height and 2lbs 6oz more than his birth weight.  Although being a very early “full term” baby, he’s measuring quite high on the growth charts already!  I have a feeling he’s going to be a tall dark and handsome man!  He also has this bruise-like spot that goes across his butt since birth and it turns out it is not a bruise, it is called a Mongolian Spot and is very common for babies with a darker complexion and lightens as he gets older.  It is already a little lighter but it should be pretty invisible in a few years.  That’s his Italian complexion coming through.  He is already so much tanner than me and it makes me so jealous…he definitely didn’t inherit my skin tone!  The older he gets the more he looks like his daddy but I see my nose and maybe my upper lip on him…the only thing I hope is he gets my hair!  I want to see dark curls on him!

Bath time is interesting lol.  We had to wait until he was almost 3 weeks old to give him his first real bath because his umbilical cord just did not want to fall off.  It took forever!  It was a really thick cord, too. His circumcision healed before his cord fell off!  He hated his first bath even though we made the bathroom SO warm to keep him happy but then learned that putting a towel under him so he feels secure and not slippery helps as well as draping a warm washcloth over his front while bathing him to help him feel warm and safe.  Those have been VALUABLE tricks and he has not screamed during bath time since…but the transition of going INTO and OUT OF the bathtub has been a little touchy lol.  He just does not like to be naked.  Once I get him in his towel he starts to calm down and we rock a little while drying and he settles down and knows it is time to eat and go to bed.  He’s such a good boy when it comes down to knowing what comes next in the order of things to do…I recently adjusted his eating schedule, rather than upping his intake to keep up with his growth I just increased the frequency and literally 2 feedings and he was already adjusted like a clock!  He was at 4 oz every 4 hours and rather than upping the feeding by an ounce I changed the feeding to every three hours and that allows for him to sleep a little longer at night by feeding more throughout the day.  Last night it worked like a charm and he did a 5 and 4 hour stretch back to back.

There’s so much that has happened it is hard to think of what to write!  I guess I’ll just have to write more frequently when I discover something new or learn a new trick with baby!  I’m also going to transition this blog from an infertility blog to a “what happens when you beat infertility”/”Mommy” blog…I just have to figure out a way to make the transition seamless so bear with me as I try to play with WordPress 🙂

This child is already loved by so many people, but who can resist him?  He’s fucking adorable!

He has taken two trips to Scranton already to meet my family and be spoiled with cuddles and kisses!  I do feel alone sometimes, though.  I can’t be in Scranton all the time and we don’t get much company here.  It just makes me homesick, that’s all.  I have my little family now and that’s all I need…well…I’d really like to win the lottery and move my new little family and the rest of my family somewhere warm 🙂

Here is baby’s first monthly picture!  Enjoy while I figure out this whole mommy thing!

1 month


8 thoughts on “Eat, Sleep, Poop and Repeat! Baby C’s first month.

  1. Your little man is a cutie! Mine is 1 month and a half, and a big thank you to you for saying that it can be a bit difficult, telling about the peeing in the middle of the night etc… I’ve had some girlfriends for whom everything is pink and rosy – baby doing its nights at 15 days old. Yeah, right.
    In a few days you can hope for 6-7 hours sleeps (not really during the night). Mine has the same sleep pattern as yours, and is sleeping soud from 7pm til 2pm. And has the same gaz problems, and doing a cute little serious face when pooping^^

  2. Planning to make the transition to mommy blog as well. I see a lot of people starting totally new blogs but am not sure I would want to leave eveythung behind that got me here. But also I want the new mommy blog to be more public so thinking i may have to go back and edit a lot if I do that… But i still have to get around to finishing my birth story first! Lol

    • I just released this to Facebook land so there was a lot of editing done prior lol. Mostly rants 😉 I definitely don’t want to get rid of what got me here so I am probably going to end up playing with the pages and try to create different sections like I did with my pictures and timeline that I need to update lol

      • I think the thing in struggling with most is the name. “Stop telling me to relax” sums up my TTC experience. I’d like a new name that sums up my new mom experience. I haven’t figured out what that is yet though, lol

  3. Breastfeeding is such a personal choice, people can be very judgemental…and just for your peace of mind, whenever there is massive blood loss, just by itself, mothers will struggle to develop mature milk, if massive enough, it will cause Sheehan’s Syndrome and you will not ever produce the receptors in the mamomory glands that read your Pitocin which causes your breasts to MAKE mature milk…sounds like this could have been a major factor, or without adequate follow up by IBCLC or CLC or knowledgable nurse, to carefully instruct pumping protocol to induce lactation (for any high risk for insuff supply, situation), there is not much you could have done to change the outcome.

    Add on the INDUCTION, the Pitocin drip, and very much the Mag drip, plus baby to NICU, you essentially had EVERYTHING stacked against you.

    I hope you were able to make peace with it, it’s it’s own grief process, that most people do not understand…
    (RN, BSN, IBCLC)

    • Thank you so much, I knew I had some factors that led to this but I didn’t know the blood loss could contribute as well…I lost so much I needed a transfusion in an emergency trip to the OR due to hemorrhaging.

      • Oy, I got typos…I meant the receptors in the breast tissue would not be sufficient to read your hormone Prolactin, NOT Pitocin (prolactin spikes after deliver of ALL placenta parts, and retained fragments not only can cause hemorrhage, but also inhibit milk production by of the anti-prolactin effects of progesterone) but I digress… (Pitocin is synthetic Oxytocin…natural Oxytocin, is the body’s hormone for milk ejection, among other things 😌)

        I’m very happy for you and your family, sounds like such an ordeal to achieve pregnancy and then the delivery! Yikes, glad you are all safe and healthy 😄

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