Dear Baby

Dear Baby,

I wanted to take a few moments of this crazy day aside to write a little letter to you to let you know how excited we are for you and how loved you are by not only your mommy and daddy but by so many people.  You see, you are something we have longed for for a number of years.  Your daddy and I wanted nothing more than to have a baby and for years it seemed impossible with all the medications and surgeries and devastating miscarriages…but finally, on the day before your expected arrival, you are kicking away like a mad man telling me you are excited to make your grand entrance!  Finally, we will have our baby to take home and love here on earth.

There are so many people excited to meet you.  They shared in our joys, heartbreak, desperation, and excitement over the last 5 years.  Even though they don’t know your name yet (daddy and I have kept it a good secret!), they love you right now as “Baby C” and will soon be able to call you by your real name that daddy and I just love.  Grandma is so excited to travel to see you.  She will be on her way tonight so she can experience your birth and meet you as soon as you make your way into the world.  Your uncle Billy, and godfather, is trying so hard to be here for your arrival as well…he’s just trying so hard to make sure he is not sick so he doesn’t spread any germs.  He’s such a worrier…that’s why they make sanitizer!  He sent you the cutest outfit with batman on it.  The rest of your aunts and uncles are taking care of their children and anxiously anticipating the news that you have made your way into this world so they can breathe!  There’s a number of people on your daddy’s side that are so excited to meet you and will be visiting you very often…your poppop has even committed to bringing me an Italian hoagie as soon as you are born since its something I’ve wanted to eat for the last 9 months but because it could possibly be harmful to you I refused to eat it.

My one wish for you, baby, is that you live a life of love.  You are coming into this world with so much support and excitement and love from everyone who has followed our journey.  You are a miracle.  We can’t wait to meet you and love you and although I am excited to see what kind of a man you turn out to be, I wish that life just slows down so we can savor every moment with you.

I’m so excited to finally meet you.  You have 3 angels looking after you now and always and they will be by our side waiting for your arrival.

We love you so much!


7 thoughts on “Dear Baby

  1. hi momma! just a quick note to say i hope everything went well on friday! i’m always a little worried when ladies blog about the birth happening and then disappear. i am sure it is because you are so in love and BUSY with more important things now 🙂 i hope you and baby boy are doing well. can’t wait until you’re “back”. xo

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