27 weeks, baby furniture, nursery sneak peak, and lines!

I can’t believe how time is flying now.  I blinked and a week went by.

This is a very exciting week, it’s the last week in the second trimester!  We had a checkup on Thursday and baby is incredibly active, he would not sit still for the doppler but we finally got a good read after several minutes of trying to get a bpm – he’s still holding strong at 154.  My fundal measurements are still exactly on point.  The doctor manhandled baby boy to see what position he was in and he is head down!  While this is probably going to change since he still has plenty of room to move around I feel like this is how he has been for a week or so now so if he can just keep it that way so I don’t worry, that would be lovely 🙂

The baby furniture FINALLY came in…11 weeks of waiting, that’s all!  I freaking love it.  Thanks to our good friend, Dave, we were able to get the furniture safely to our house on Saturday and I wrangled the troops to help Joe get everything put together that night.  The nursery is ALMOST complete as far as what I am planning on doing to it.  We still have shades to install, curtains to press and hang, and a few more wall decorations to pick out and put up…but as of right now it is almost done!  I’ll give you a little sneak peak at the end of this!

My first week of class was decent, not too much work but it will only get busier from here.  I fell asleep studying last night, I was thoroughly exhausted after being up until almost 2am on Saturday getting the nursery ready.  I think I really had a full blown nesting second wind when everything was assembled and I wanted to see some more stuff done before I went to bed.  I still can’t believe how quickly this week went by and how much was accomplished.  I’m incredibly happy!

How far along?    27w3d

Total weight gain/loss? 22 lbs!!  Holy crap did Christmas play a role in this.  I didn’t think I ate that much lol.

Gender?   Boy 🙂

Maternity clothes?  Mostly, yes…surprisingly right now I have non maternity clothes on but it is just a few pieces of non maternity that still actually fit.

Stretch marks?   nope!  I can thank Joseph for religiously slathering on the cocoa butter for me at night…gives me a nice sheen and softens my skin (and puts me to sleep) while giving him some time to bond with baby ❤

Sleep?  I get great sleep still.  Still don’t get up for bathroom breaks which means baby is being kind to my bladder…I also wind down my liquid intake as bedtime draws near so that may be helping as well.

Best moment this week?  Getting so much of the nursery done!  I am in love ❤

Miss anything?   Nope!

Movement? So much, so strong.  Joe even felt a few HUGE kicks last night which was pretty cool.

Food cravings?  nope

Anything making you queasy or sick?  nope

Symptoms?   Kicking and growing belly!

Labor Signs?  Nope

Belly Button in or out?  Just barely in…but it is getting close…There’s a picture at the bottom lol – I spotted the beginnings of Linea Nigra which I texted to my sister and my barely in belly button is also visible in the picture

Wedding rings on or off?  The fake ones are on!

Happy or Moody most of the time?   Happy!

Looking forward to?  In 1 week we have a checkup on my placenta so we get to see baby boy again!  They are going to try to do another 3d image for me as well since he wasn’t cooperative last time lol



Picking up furniture!!!

Picking up furniture!!!

Boxes in the living room

Boxes in the living room

This is how I help :)

This is how I help 🙂

Getting ready to assemble!!

Getting ready to assemble!!

Crib is almost done!

Crib is almost done!

Sneak Peak #1

Sneak Peak #1

Sneak Peak #2

Sneak Peak #2

Sneak Peak #3 - my view while on the glider...I didn't want to move!

Sneak Peak #3 – my view while on the glider…I didn’t want to move!

I think this is the start of linea nigra!  I sent this picture to my sister and she said that is definitely looking like the start of it :)

I think this is the start of linea nigra! I sent this picture to my sister and she said that is definitely looking like the start of it 🙂


7 thoughts on “27 weeks, baby furniture, nursery sneak peak, and lines!

  1. yep, that LN. i was surprised to see i had it pretty early on. i don’t know why , because it’s just a show of excess hormones in the body, but i think it’s cute and i like having it. it will be interesting to watch yours. they say it will be above and below when you’re carrying a boy. i only have it below so the wives tale for girl is ringing true for me. the nursery is looking great do far! I’m so jealous of you. still waiting for renos to get finished… sigh. big thanks, btw, for all the information on Braxton Hicks!!

    • no problem!

      So far it’s all below so we’ll see how it progresses. I’ve been crazy over this nursery for months…we actually started re-doing the room last year with the intentions of it will be an easy update when we finally do fall pregnant…then life happens and it was started and pushed off and depression kicked in and all that happy jazz lol. But I cracked the whip so hard on this…I needed it done…especially with the furniture ordered and let me tell you, he was painting until the day before the furniture came in! I can’t tell you how many amazon boxes and JC Penney boxes I had piled up in anticipation for this lol!

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