Update and Rant – 22w6d

Baby boy is doing great – heart rate is still constant at 158, he’s growing normally, I’m gaining weight just as I’m supposed to – almost too perfectly, up 15.5 since the beginning almost 23 weeks ago. I haven’t had any issues, no sickness, no complaints, not too tired, blood pressure is perfect, feeling great and even planning and preparing way ahead of schedule.

Something was bound to go wrong, nothing can be absolutely perfect. I guess this is reality telling me that not everything is in my control and gave me a swift kick to remind me that.

Found out today baby boy has a low lying placenta, it’s not considered privea at this point, just marginal, so I have another ultrasound in 2 weeks to see if it moves upward – in most cases this does happen and I should have nothing to worry about but I am an incessant worrier and this just upset me because there is literally a 0.5% chance it won’t move and just worsen. I guess I just have to be thankful I get to see baby boy on the big screen again soon and just pray that the placenta moves up so as not to cause any complications. I really don’t want to get cut open, it is not part of my plan at all but the only thing that really matters is baby boy is OK.

Any mamas out there have any experience with low lying placenta discovered at anatomy scan and it correcting itself?


13 thoughts on “Update and Rant – 22w6d

  1. I don’t personally, but I know of several other moms who’ve had their placentas move up in the last few months. Hang in there! It’s impossible not to worry about the worst case scenarios, but maybe instead of focusing on the 0.5% that don’t, you keep reminding yourself about the 99.5% that do! Xx

  2. sorry to hear this. i am sure everything will work itself out! i have read a lot of women talking about this and it correcting itself as time goes by. i am sure this will also be the case for you 🙂 i found out at my scan that i have an “eccentric placenta”. the cord is supposed to be attached toward the centre of the placenta but mine is 1.9 cm from an edge. this can mean blood flow through the placenta and cord to the baby can be strained. i have an ultrasound on tuesday to see if it is effecting anything so far. i also have to be watched closely during the 3rd T to make sure baby is growing properly… geez… it really is one worry after the other! hang in there!

  3. Mine was previa at 15 weeks. By 18+5 it was just over 1 cm from cervix and at 22+ weeks it was over 2 cm away. It scared me crazy. I was on couch rest and pelvic rest from 15-22+ weeks. They almost always move though. My SIL has partial previa too and is at the same weeks as you. Sorry you have to deal with this though. I know how scary it is.

  4. I had low lying placenta through the pregnancy and was not allowed to travel. Fortunately it was marginal placenta previa and in my case it didn’t move up as much as the doc wanted so we did do a c-section. On the bright side, I had no issues, baby had no issues, I was not on bed rest and we made it through 38weeks. Like you said what matters is that you and baby are OK!

  5. I’m sure you are terrifies right now, I don’t have any experience with this but know of several other bloggers who had this happen to them. I dint think I’ve read 1 case where baby didn’t move up. I’ll be sending positive thought your way

  6. I had placenta previa at 18 weeks, and it worried me soooooo much. I was put on pelvic rest, but never had any bleeding or issues at all. They didn’t even schedule another ultrasound to check it until 28 weeks, at which point it had completely moved out of the way. My doctor said to think of your uterus as a balloon – as it inflates, things that are closest to the opening move farther out of the way. Two weeks seems awfully early to check again, because if it hasn’t moved enough, you’ll just continue to be worried until the next check. I’ve never personally heard of a partial previa or low lying placenta worsening.

    • It will be a total of 4 weeks for the recheck since my last scan and then if needed they’ll do another one in another 4 weeks. It was two weeks after the anatomy scan that they reviewed all the info with me which upset me because they talked to me like I knew this information already, little did they know I was in complete shock since it was the first I was hearing it. I like all the people in my office but there is a huge lack of communication on their part that I experience at every single appointment.

      I’m glad to hear that these things almost always work themselves out! We’ll see how Monday goes!

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