Nursery – A work in progress

The nursery is a work in progress – but here are some items that are currently being done.  The chair rail has been installed and the ceiling has been painted ultra white.  We will be using Sherwin Williams durations collection in retiring blue on the top of the chair rail (in fact there is already one coat up and one more coat needed to be applied, and Sherwin Williams durations white below the chair rail.

Chair Rail

^^ This is not my house, lol, just the exact chair rail used in baby’s room.  It is placed higher than the traditional 36″ from the floor – it is 48″ from the floor so it is at a good height from the crib.  The crib we bought has a tall back.

Top Wall Color

Bottom Wall Color

We have already purchased and installed a white ceiling fan for a brighter and younger look in the room

Ceiling Fan

I am currently waiting for this area rug to be delivered, the accessories in the room will be Navy and Gray to go along with the light blue and white walls and deep brown furniture


These curtains were delivered this week and so was the curtain rod so as soon as the painting is all done and dry I want to put these up 🙂 – the curtains are both energy saving and room darkening.  What a spoiled baby we have already!


Curtian Rod

This is the glider and ottoman I picked out – it has not been ordered yet but should be soon.  We need the paint to be finished because we are running out of places to store things


Here’s the nursery set we ordered over a month ago, the crib is in but we are waiting for the 2 dressers to come in before we pick it all up.  Just imagine this set with white, gray, and navy bedding to go along with the scheme of the room.


Once the bulk of this is done I have to look at lamps for those late night feedings and a few wall decorations.  I did purchase a mattress for the crib already as well, a Sealy, and some white sheets so that when the furniture is in and set up I can see what it really looks like when it is all put together!

I’m getting antsy for this all to be done.  I’m hoping the paint doesn’t take too much longer or I may just go crazy!  It’s hard working on the room when our weekends are packed and I’m of no help doing school work all night – Joe only has an hour or two each night to make sure everything is perfect and he started with making sure the whole room was properly insulated so baby can stay nice and warm in his room ❤

I’ll post pictures after everything is done but for now I wanted to share most of my vision for our nursery for our miracle baby!


3 thoughts on “Nursery – A work in progress

  1. beautiful. i am in full on nesting mode and want to move around furniture and get things set up in the nursery, but my husband is about rip it apart (like literally break down walls) this christmas! i am trying so hard to keep it together and not freak out. i am certain that there will be a little construction melt down though hahaha. hope you get everything put together they way you want it soon!

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