Today I am sad

I am sad because today is the 1 year angelversary of the twins.  One year ago today I was told to stop all medication and prepare for my miscarriage that didn’t happen on its own, it took several weeks and an emergency D&C to finally happen.  I am sad because as I feel the little kicks of my baby they are gentle reminders of my three angels who couldn’t be here with us.  I am also sad because, even though I know I have every right to be sad, I know that there are so many others who need to be sad too and maybe my sadness should be not so prevalent.

I learned today that the wife of a friend of ours passed away suddenly last night.  I don’t know the details, I don’t know if she was sick, frankly the details mean nothing right now because the only thing that matters is her loved ones.  I can’t even imagine what her husband and young son are going through and it brings me to tears.  She was a lovely woman, daughter, wife, and mother.

Rest in peace, Julia, you were a wonderful mother and I am deeply saddened for your family as they mourn your passing.


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