Week 18

Week 17 flew by – I’ve been so busy with this new class that time is just flying by now.  I’m going to blink and it will be Christmas!

We were able to go to an engagement party for a couple friends of ours and it was a great time.  We never met the soon-to-be wife’s parents but they sure knew a lot about us!  Her mother was ready for me with some sparkling cider for the toast and plopped a real champagne in Joe’s hands.  It was very thoughtful.  We spent some time by the fire outside and got to see a few friends we haven’t seen in quite some time.  Joe got his friend’s grandmother to tell him the story of Pat’s first poopy on the potty that IS on video and it will make an appearance at the wedding.  It’s going to be a great time.

How far along?    18w3d

Total weight gain/loss? I’ll finally find out on Friday when I go in for my next checkup – my guess is 8 lbs total.  Let’s see how close I get.

Gender?   I’m actually getting impatient now.  I want to be able to buy curtains and other accessories for the room!! My mother is more impatient than me but I am more than ready to find out.

Maternity clothes?  today I am  not wearing any but that was probably not the best idea…I’m kind of uncomfortable.

Stretch marks?   nope!

Sleep?   I’m still getting really good sleep, but it never seems to be enough.  I do wake up one or two times during the night to adjust my sleeping position, usually because a cat infiltrates my space and I don’t want to disturb it while I adjust to a more comfortable position.

Best moment this week?  Joe feeling a kick and a roll – that was pretty awesome.

Miss anything?   Nothing at all…I’m loving this pregnancy thing

Movement?  Some days more than others still, but definitely movement

Food cravings?  nope

Anything making you queasy or sick?  nope

Symptoms?   Still no, if my stomach was not getting bigger by the day I would have no idea.

Labor Signs?  Nope

Belly Button in or out?  In

Wedding rings on or off?  On

Happy or Moody most of the time?   Happy!

Looking forward to?  On Friday we get to hear baby’s heartbeat again at my next checkup and this weekend we are going to shady maple smorgasbord! Going to see a bunch of friends we haven’t seen in a looong time, it’s going to be great 🙂

And get ready for this, I think I finally really popped…what a difference one week made…actually the morning this was taken was when it happened…




5 thoughts on “Week 18

  1. Great bump picture!! I didn’t have one for a long time! I’m hoping you stay symptom free through your whole pregnancy! We try so hard to get pregnant it’s the least we could ask for, right?

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