Those kicks

They kill me.  Every single one makes me smile and fall even more head over heels in love.

PS…Joe felt baby – a tiny little tap and a barrel roll…amazing.


11 thoughts on “Those kicks

  1. i can’t wait for this! i’m 16 weeks and starting to keep my attention up for feeling anything. the OB told me it could be up to 20 weeks before i feel anything … 😦 it’s only another month but i hope i feel something sooner than that.

    • it felt like bubbles at first…tiny little bubbles…then finger pokes…not very often and I mostly felt them when I was wearing pants (weird, I know, but honestly I think the slight pressure from the pants just made me feel more – I hardly feel a thing when I wear a dress unless I’m sitting awkwardly)
      You’ll freak when you feel it…its amazing and I can’t wait to hear when you do! Do you know if your placenta is anterior or posterior?

      • oh well I’ve felt bubbles from time to time but as soon as i notice and pay attention they stop. my placenta is posterior. the ultrasound tech said i (and hubby) should be able to feel more because of this (makes sense).

      • yes you will! It will be soon enough that the bubbles transform to nudges!

        I follow someone with an anterior and I felt so bad it took her so long to feel anything, almost 22 weeks.

    • you’re killing me with not posting anything! You know how many times I’ve hopped on your blog looking for an update? (sorry if that came out like a worried parent…lol)

      Even with the reassurance from the tiny movements I still have crazy anxiety, it’s a killer…but those little movements make me feel better in the small amount of time I feel them! I think once they are more frequent I’ll feel a lot better and I’m glad there’s finally something since I had absolutely no symptoms to fall back on.

      • I know… I’m sorry! We’re in the middle of getting ready for an international move and I just don’t seem to make time to get a post done.
        Everything is fine as far as we know… We had our IPS scan a couple of weeks ago and everything looked good. Our wee beanie wasn’t co-operating at all… Wriggled around, stood on his head and flipped a full 180! Was hilarious.
        Just coming up to 14 weeks now, still feeling a bit nauseous, getting bigger but it’s not clearly a bump (probably just food as eating is the only thing that settles my stomach!).
        Now just waiting to feel those first little tingles that let me know our little one is doing ok!
        Loving the pics of your bump… Totally gorgeous!

      • Thank you! And WOW you have a lot going on! I’m glad to hear that everything is going well for you. That really makes me happy. Just don’t mind that I silently stalk you waiting for updates 🙂 I’ll try to be patient now that I know you are well and good and crazy busy!

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