Week 17

I hope everyone had a great Halloween! We were able to attend Joe’s cousin’s Halloween party, which we only stayed for a few hours since I was soooo exhausted and then saw more of Joe’s family at a dinner his Aunt had on Sunday.  It was nice seeing everyone for the first time since my announcement.  The unsolicited belly rubs were plentiful this weekend…Joe makes sure he rubs their belly back…it’s pretty funny.  Anyways, I have a busy week ahead of me so I am going to keep this short and sweet.

How far along?    17w3d

Total weight gain/loss? 3lbs – I won’t know any differently until my next check up on the 14th.  I think I gained another 2-5lbs since my last visit but who knows…

Gender?   It’s getting closer!  Few more weeks…

Maternity clothes?  getting more and more use…still can fit into some looser items I had but the majority of it is maternity now…especially the pants since wearing normal jeans was getting way too uncomfortable.

Stretch marks?   nope!  I made Joe massage cocoa butter all over my belly last night, I was too tired to get up and do it myself after the big Italian dinner we had…

Sleep?   I’ve been getting a good amount of sleep.  I can’t nap for some reason, even if I give it a good try, I just have too much on my mind in the form of “to do” lists – I can let that go at night because I am just completely exhausted.  I have been waking up more at night due to a shrinking bladder and I think I woke up the other night because baby was uncomfortable and kicked me square in the vajay…

Best moment this week?  when baby responded to me saying “are you hungry?” by going nuts…I think I got the hint.  We also broke out the snoogle, that was (and is) hilarious…it is HUGE.

Miss anything?   Nope – loving every moment of this

Movement?  Some days more than others but it is becoming an every day thing now and sometimes there’s a shit ton of wiggles and sometimes there’s just a jab or two to say “hi, I’m here!”

Food cravings?  nothing noticeable

Anything making you queasy or sick?  Nope, not at all

Symptoms?   Still no, if my stomach was not getting bigger by the day I would have no idea.

Labor Signs?  Nope

Belly Button in or out?  In

Wedding rings on or off?  On

Happy or Moody most of the time?   Happy!

Looking forward to?  FINALLY getting my hair done this weekend and attending an engagement party of some close friends.

And here’s my Halloween picture – 17 weeks 🙂


I finally updated my photos tab with my weekly pics so they are all in one place.  “Go me!” lol


4 thoughts on “Week 17

  1. When did you feel your first wiggle and what did it feel like? I’m 16 weeks 4 days and still trying to figure out if it’s a poke or a belly pain or what.

    • I was REALLY paying attention, I thought I felt the first one right at the end of week 15. It was only when I was REALLY focusing, though, and instigating some kind of movement with a cold sugary drink. They grew more noticeable as the days went on but there were days I’d feel nothing and then all of a sudden it felt like someone was poking with a finger from the inside of my lower stomach out…just one quick little poke. I’d randomly just feel that little nudge. Some people don’t feel it until 18-20 weeks but some can as early as 15 weeks…placenta placement also has something to do with when you can feel baby…if the placenta is in the front you won’t feel baby for a while, unfortunately. I have a very small frame and the placenta is posterior so I think that’s why I got lucky and felt baby so soon…not all the time which freaked me out once I felt the first tap but it gets more noticeable daily.

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