Second Trimester – 14w3d

I really hope I’m not jinxing my progress with these updates but I am feeling a little more safe now that I am finally in the second trimester.  So last week I got a bonus ultrasound because the lab drew the wrong set of blood work (harmony was drawn rather than the first part of the sequential screening).  I always get so nervous at the appointments because I’ve never made it this far and its new and scary to me.  I know my shit, though.  They really don’t have to explain much of what or why they are doing what they are doing and they seem to know I know my shit because I can recite the testing and screenings by name in the order they need to be done.

They seem to have forgotten to run my thyroid in my last blood panel, though, even though I specifically asked for it to be ran to determine whether or not I should be continuing the levothyroxine so they ordered the test today and I should have the results next week.  The doctor will need to consult my RE to determine what I should do if my levels are still abnormally low (which I expect them to be…)

We heard the heartbeat at today’s appointment which was amazing…158bpm and very strong.  This little bugger is active – kept on moving around when she located it but baby stayed still long enough to get an accurate measurement after a few minutes!

The only crappy part about today was we found out we won’t get to hear baby’s heartbeat again until our next appointment in a month and we won’t see baby again for a month and a half – Cue massive anxiety.  Hopefully between now and then baby gets strong enough to punch and kick me to let me know that everything is A-OK.

So here goes nothing – my first real bumpdate:

How far along?    14 weeks and 3 days – hooray for second trimester!

Total weight gain/loss?   3lbs – this is perfect 🙂

Gender?   Too soon

Maternity clothes? I’m in that awkward phase where my normal clothes are a tad tight and maternity clothes are like a tent so I’m doing the ol’ hair tie trick on pants and just dealing with it…

Stretch marks?   Nope

Sleep?   Very good…except for when Joseph snores loudly then I wake up and pinch his nose shut.

Best moment this week? Had my first appointment of the second trimester today, heard the heart beat – a perfect 158bpm

Miss anything?   Not being able to see baby every week…the RE really did spoil me rotten.  I miss them so much!

Movement?  You know, I swear sometimes I feel something…like the tiniest of movements if I sit and concentrate and hold where the baby is but I’m not quite sure if what I am feeling is actually baby but I’d like to think it is.  I can’t wait until I know for sure that it’s baby.

Food cravings? Not really… 

Anything making you queasy or sick?  Nope, nothing at all.

Symptoms?   Big ol’ boobies and a growing uterus…that’s about it!  The nurse seems to be amazed that I wasn’t nauseous or fatigued.  I think that so far it’s been a cake walk after dealing with all the fertility treatments…seriously.

Labor Signs?  HA…not for a loooonnng time.

Belly Button in or out?   Way in.

Wedding rings on or off?   On

Happy or Moody most of the time?   Are you kidding, I’m on a freaking high I can’t come off of.  I’m a big ball of happy.

Looking forward to?   My next appointment that is soooooo far away!!

And here’s a pic of the 14 week bump, one with Joseph, and one with Moose 🙂

14w1d14w1d with Joseph 14w1d with Moose

And before I forget, you guys are amazing with all the kind words and welcoming me back just made my week!  Thank you all!


16 thoughts on “Second Trimester – 14w3d

    • Thanks! All the fresh cycles I think I was much bigger in the abdominal region from the drug bloat, swollen ovaries with cysts, and fluid retention – the FET was much kinder on me.

  1. It always feels like forever for me between apts too! I’m considering buying a doppler so I can listen on my own, but then nervous that I’ll freak myself out with the less sensitive ones that are available to the consumer. We have 10 more days until our next ultra sound. *eep!*
    New follow.

    • I was going to ask my RE at my graduation appointment what she thinks of ME purchasing a home doppler system…I couldn’t bring myself to ask because I knew what her answer would be (they had already threatened me with anxiety medication if I didn’t calm down). I would drive myself absolutely INSANE if I had one…am I glad I didn’t buy one? I don’t know…I don’t know if I am more crazy not having one or if I’d be that crazy lady calling the emergency line any time I couldn’t find it…

      I don’t know what I am going to do for the next 32 days 😦

      I’m going to mosey on over to your site for a peek 🙂

      • See I’m pretty sure I would drive myself batty with one. Too much margin of error — if you can’t find the heartbeat there is no way to tell why. For me, best to just trust and think happy thoughts.

        If you’re trying to make the time pass faster, tell yourself it’s just 4 Saturdays. That’s how I got through deployments when my husband was in the Navy and I couldn’t hear from him for three months at a time.

        You seem like a strong chica. You can do this! ❤

        Thanks for the follow. 🙂

    • You know, I’ve thrown around the idea about buying the angel sounds doppler but I just can’t bring myself to buy one…I would be the one freaking out if I couldn’t locate it immediately.

      With my history and anxiety I kind of forced myself NOT to…trust me, one was in my amazon cart for a few weeks when I was still at the RE while I fought with myself on the pros and cons of owning one. For my mental well-being I opted not to buy one (especially since they already threatened me with anxiety medication!). I concluded that impatience is wayyyy better than anxiety attacks…especially for baby! lol So impatient I will be, by choice for the safety of baby even though deep down I desperately want one.

      • ohhhh me too! I just discovered leggings this year! I have always worn jeans but I have gained so much weight (dern PCOS) in the last year that they no longer fit. So I bought some leggings and sweater dresses and OH.MY. WORD! Ah-may-zing! I have lots of scarves too so i can create all kinds of outfits! lol

      • Scarves are a true addiction. I must have 30 of them – I apparently leave them all over the house because I can never find the one I want in that moment I want it!

  2. Your little bump is adorable! I also toyed with the idea of a home Doppler but decided against it for the same reason as you. Once I started to feel regular movement my anxiety went way down. Hopefully that’s right around the corner for you!

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