They were able to locate the pregnancy.  It is in the uterus (good news).  I do not have to get the methotrexate injection as of right now (also good news).

Tomorrow I am tentatively scheduled for a D&C to remove the tissue.  At this point they will be able to send it out and see if there is any pregnancy tissue in there, if not then there may be unresolved issues.  If there is tissue then they will do some genetic testing again.

There is still a possibility of ectopic but we won’t know that until after the D&C and the blood tests to see if this solves the problem of the hcg rising.  If the hcg is still rising after the D&C then a methotrexate injection is inevitable but for right now we are trying our damnedst to avoid it.

One day at a time.  I am so glad they were able to finally locate it.

On top of that my right ovary is huge…that will also have to be watched to make sure it shrinks back down to normal size…


14 thoughts on “Update

  1. This is good news, and terrible news. I don’t even know what to say… I just wish you didn’t have to go through this. You are tough though and you are doing a great job. I hope the D&C goes smoothly and I am thinking of you so much xxx (and bonus <3)

    • don’t make me ass you <33

      There…see what I did…two asses in one. Just for you. Thank you.

      I am tough…I know this…this is probably why someone is testing the shit out of me…you know what? I don't care…eventually I will come out on top and laugh at all the trials and tribulations I had to go through to get there…they call all eat dog poo when I am done!!! Or a penis shaped dog poo…yeah…a penis shaped dog poo!!!

  2. Yay for finding it… boo for having to look in the first place.

    I think you’re amazing, you’re handling all this (outwardly anyway) with so much calm and poise. Hoping there’s an end to all this soon so you can move forward xxx

    • You know, I do try so hard to keep myself sane…for what is going on I am shocked I haven’t been admitted into a mental institute yet, but sometimes I feel like I should be with how crazy my mind is right now…This game of tug of war will be over soon and hopefully there will be no more surprises. Time to heal and breathe a little.

      Thank you for your continued support ❤

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