And the beat goes on…

185. Up 33 in one day.

The levels were too low to see anything on the ultrasound. They took some additional labs in case they need to do the methotrexate injection. Repeat blood work on Friday or Saturday.

This just needs to stop already.


12 thoughts on “And the beat goes on…

  1. Hi, This did happen to me for my 3rd MC. My levels rose 90 points in a week and then in 2 days it rose 200 points. Of course, the pregnancy ended in an MC, but I know how it feels for you. It was not an ectopic and luckily, in another week, they could see the sac.
    Hang in there friend, I know how frustrating it is and how shocking it feels to just want the damn thing to end especially when we so desperately want to be pregnant.
    Take care, sending you a warm hug.

  2. i was just about to write the exact same message as jonsie13. waiting is the hardest part. hang in there sweetie. i know how much this sucks. it will end soon and you can start to heal.

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