Here’s my number, call me maybe!

113 🙂

That’s a solid number. It can go either way, singleton or twin.

I’m curious to hear everyone’s first beta, how many days past x day transfer, and if you are having/have singleton or multiples.

I’m very happy with this number. I’m super excited!!! It is actually almost double my first beta with BOB – test taken basically the same time 14dpo.

What a great weekend ❤️


16 thoughts on “Here’s my number, call me maybe!

  1. My first beta was 1150 14 days past 3 day transfer & I’m now almost 15 weeks with fraternal twins. Soooo happy for u!!!!!!!!!!

  2. 351 at 9dp5dt, which was higher than my friends who was confirmed with twins at that time in her IVF…so I was definitely wondering. We’d only transferred one embryo though…ultrasound revealed just one little overachiever eager at pumping out hormones!! Congratulations, 113 is a great starting beta! Woohoo!! My friend started at 110, she transferred two.

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