1dp6dt – Ready for the weekend

Hello! I figured I would give one last post before the weekend.

I am officially 1dp6dt with one of my babies already eager and hatching.  Wondering if this speeds up the implantation rate as it should be tomorrow for at least one of them.

I am surprisingly calm.  I am working from home today, keeping warm and well hydrated, getting up every once in a while to get the blood flowing.  I woke up this morning to muscle pain so I am hoping that was my hatching baby digging in deep.

The recommendation for rest from my doctor was off my feet for the day of transfer besides going to the bathroom (Which I stuck to completely) and 2 days of taking it easy (do not lift over 20lbs, nothing too strenuous).  Joe asked if going to a wedding was ok on Saturday and they were perfectly fine with that and even recommended drinking a glass of champagne as it is perfectly harmless – I may trade that for a glass of red wine during dinner for the antioxidants and it is a natural relaxer.  Don’t judge.

One week until Beta day and I have a crazy busy week ahead of me so hopefully this all goes by fast and my babies stay snuggled in for this ride!

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend 🙂


6 thoughts on “1dp6dt – Ready for the weekend

  1. Ooh, come on embies!!! I am so excited for you. I’m going on holiday tomorrow but I will be thinking of you lots while I am away. Hope you have a great time at the wedding xxx

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