Seeing Rainbows

We are on to the final countdown.  Three more sleeps before I am reunited with my beautiful babies again…the anticipation is ridiculous!  I am super excited.

My sister sent me a text yesterday, she said the sun wasn’t out but she had a rainbow on her ceiling and she took a picture and sent it to me.  I teared a bit and was so happy she thought of me.  I’ll take that as another sign!

I have a question for all you ladies who have their BFP through IVF…how many days of “bed rest” or restricted activity did you give yourself? I have a wedding to attend on Saturday and I just want to make sure that 48 hours of restricted activity is sufficient.

Here’s a picture of the rainbow my sister sent me:



10 thoughts on “Seeing Rainbows

    • I think with my successful cycle I did the same since it was a Friday transfer…I think I did pick it up a bit on the third day because I was stir crazy but I know at least 48 hours I was pretty inactive. Thank you ❤

  1. I took transfer day, which was a Monday & did total bed rest. The following day I went to work for only 3 hours & straight back home to my sweatpants. My work is not physically strenuous. I did not participate in yoga at all, in fact, I am still not (currently 6w5d). I am not lifting much or doing any physically awkward things, vacuuming, gardeing, etc. This is not on Dr.s orders, this is just listening to my body & letting the mister take over a bit. When I am sleepy, I sleep. My RE only suggested transfer day as a bed rest day though. I do know girls who took the entire week. I say, listen to your body. Too much invested to take any chances!

    • I agree completely. That’s basically how I was for my successful round. I guess if I feel like I’ve had enough mingling I can just excuse myself and leave early. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. I wouldn’t have taken any days for bed rest on transfer day, but I ended up getting sick on egg retrieval day, so I ended up being on sick leave for a while. I didn’t feel like being physically very active, but I would have taught my yoga class and my personal training clients that day and the next day, if I hadn’t been so sick. And.. here we are just beginning pregnancy week 6 🙂 looking good so far!

  3. the home stretch! i don’t know about you and your process but since the moment my embryos were placed back inside, i’ve had an overwhelming sense of calm. i hope the same for you 🙂 my clinic makes no mention of bed rest. never has. i have read about all these girls staying lying down at the clinic for an hour and then being on bed rest for the the first few days… this is all news to me. i say take it easy but you’re body works best when the blood and circulating and oxygenated. i’d just so no crazy jumping on the dance floor when Hip Hop Hooray comes on 😉

  4. Good Luck. I didn’t have bed rest when I fell pregnant. I did the half an hour at the clinic then that day had the day off work and watch telly and was lazy then went to work the next day. Fingers crossed. 🙂

  5. My clinic recommended spending transfer day and the following day on bed rest. Our successful transfer was on a Saturday, so I spent that day and Sunday at home on the couch and returned to work on Monday. Good luck!

  6. I’m so excited for you… your positivity is infectious and I have such a good feeling for you.

    It will be so great for you to see your little ones again… I’m sending you every positive vibe I have for the most wonderful outcome xxx

  7. My clinic here in Ireland advised bed rest day of transfer and just to take it easy after that, first 3-4 days are crucial for implanting. Definitely lie up for 48 hours and no hokey pokey at the wedding. As others have said, listen to your body and give every chance to your babies. Good luck 🙂

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