Countdown: 6 Days

Have I really not written in a week?  Wow.  My boss has been keeping me pretty busy at work and I am totally exhausted when I come home.  I had a great weekend with my family last weekend, I saw most of the nieces and nephews, played, and passed out while trying to watch a movie.  I’m a light weight! 🙂

Today I went in for my third and final check to make sure I am all ready for Thursday, which I am!!! Lining is “GORGEOUS!” says my favorite nurse.  The plan is to thaw 2 of the 3 blastocicles and the third will be on back up just in case.

Awesome news, no more stabby stabs in my belly every morning at 6am.  That is wonderful.  I am to stay on estrogen [now 4x/day] and tomorrow I am to introduce progesterone into the mix [2x/day]…watch out, here comes superboobs!  You’ll start seeing her in a few days.

This weekend is going to fly by…tomorrow we may/may not end up in Jersey to go watch a race…we are still debating that and Sunday we are putting the house back together after the construction project and going through some of the goodies we pulled from Joe’s grandparents house.  Before I know it it is going to be Halloween and I’m going to have two beautiful blastocysts gently placed up my nono into my nice cushy ute via catheter.  Romantic, no?  I always dress up for the occasion so I look the part…I always ask if I look good enough to get knocked up and the answer is always yes 🙂

Here’s a fun little thing, I can kind of guess based on reading everyone’s own blogs approximately where they are located…if you leave me a comment on here would you mind listing your location?  It would be so neat if I could find someone close to me 🙂 – I am in the northeast suburbs of Philadelphia, in a land called Warminster!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


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