Joe’s Grandma <3

A couple weeks ago Joe’s grandparents were moved from their home in North East Philly to a nursing home.  It was sad for them as they had to come to the realization that they were no longer capable of taking care of themselves and submit to allowing others to take care of them.  The great part of it is that it is no longer a 45 minute drive to visit them, they are literally 10 minutes away now.  No more crazy Philly traffic to deal with, no more struggling to get a parking spot.

Yesterday we decided to head on over and surprise his grandparents with a dinner visit.  We caught them just as they were coming out of their room and heading to the dining room…his grandmother started crying she was so happy to see us. (It was also her 94th (??) birthday, it’s hard to keep track of her age since she can never get it right either lol).

A little background on this, over the last few years, both of their memories have been taking a turn for the worse.  The first year I met them they were able to drive and move around and remember my name, now they can’t drive, they need help doing daily tasks, they know who I am but never remember my name, and his grandmother especially can’t get the dates right.  It’s like she thinks that Joe is her brother sometimes and she’s a child…but then she snaps out of it.

Joe’s grandmother cannot remember much but one thing she held onto was that I was pregnant once.  She asked me yesterday if I was going to try to get pregnant again and kept on saying she is praying everything works out for us.  The sad part was during the few weeks I was pregnant I never got a chance to see her and tell her in person, she learned of the pregnancy and then the miscarriage through Joe’s mom.  I was touched that with all the things she forgets she didn’t forget about this major event in our lives and she continues to pray that we will have a child.  I will take that as another sign that this round WILL work.

It was lovely seeing his grandparents, it’s just sad to see how quick you can go from being completely cognitive to needing help with everything in just a few short years.  We’ll be visiting more often, and bringing our own food because the portions were just too small for me lol….and his grandmother misses home cooking!

Oh well, gotta finish my day at work and get ready for a road trip to see my family.  Have a wonderful weekend!


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