Hello Estrogen!

Today was my first check of the FET cycle. Everything looks good and today I took my first estrogen pill (Estradiol-2mg twice a day to be increased next week).

My favorite nurse said that I should start to feel better with the Lupron soon so I am really hoping these headaches start lightening up.

I have never had to take estrogen before so I am not sure what to expect with that…anyone have any side effects from estrogen they’d like to share so I am prepared? lol.

Looks like I am going to be staying on Lupron until next Friday so that would make almost 4 weeks on Lupron for anyone keeping track.

It’s been so nice not having to get blood drawn every day/every other day. This was my first blood draw in a month and it made it so much easier, I had some time to heal!

Oh, I read a neat little tip about transfer day that kind of coincides with something my mom told me a couple weeks ago. Warm feet = warm uterus. Progesterone warms the body and the uterus. Drink room temperature liquids the day of transfer, you don’t want to down cold water as you need a warm uterus to be more receptive of your embryos. It makes sense! Looks like the week of transfer and thereafter will start my boot season to keep my feet nice and warm and I will make sure to not drink anything cold the day of the transfer so I keep my home nice and cozy for my little blasts 🙂

So that’s what’s new with me, now I have to go read and see what’s new with everyone else ;p

3 thoughts on “Hello Estrogen!

  1. I read about warm feet before our transfer as well on another blog. I didn’t see any harm so wore warm socks the weeks following the transfer until our BFP.

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