The Countdown is ON!

What day is today?  Why let me tell you…TODAY is exactly Three Weeks until our scheduled FET (pending everything stays on track).

Three weeks.  Three weeks ago when I started BCP it was Six Weeks.

This FET stuff is boring.  Like to the point where time is just dragging by.

But it’s stress free.

No rushing around.  No packing medication up to bring with us in case we are out somewhere too late.  No awkward “don’t look, I’m getting an injection in my stomach” while everyone is hanging around in the kitchen eating and conversing then the awkward silence, and asking if it hurt, and how it’s all going.  None of that.

I feel like a semi-normal person aside from the Lupron injection in the morning, which by the way I still feel 3 1/2 hours later…I think Joe may have accidentally hit a muscle.  OW!

Now that it is just Lupron, I really don’t feel any weird side effects, but that may all change in a few days once estradiol is added into my daily medication cocktail and then once progesterone is added in it’s all going to go crazy.  Super boobs will be making an appearance again at that point.

Anywho, I just wanted to share another fun milestone…the countdown!

I hope this weekend is fantastic for everyone!


9 thoughts on “The Countdown is ON!

    • HAHA!! You made me think of water balloons. I truly hope they don’t explode, for your sake!

      They may look good, but when one is part of the itty bitty titty committee…it’s hard to get used to!

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