Is your husband a winner? Mine sure is…

Sure, everyone finds annoyances in everyone…even their husbands.  But does anyone really sit down and say “Hey, even though my husband is annoying as fuck, he’s still a winner and a pretty amazing person in my book” (Husband, wife, partner, friend with benefits…insert whatever you like for my point here, I won’t judge).  If you said yes, then good for you…chances are you have gone through hell and back with him and passed all the tests with flying colors OR are pretty fresh in your marriage and everything is all fun and sexy still.  If you said no, maybe you should sit down and think about all the little (or big) things he does for you so you feel a little better, or maybe you’ve never been put in a situation where you realized “Wow, I don’t know if I could have done this with anyone else” (If so, I applaud your seemingly stress free life!).

The reality of it is I married a pretty immature man.  He’s all work when the situation calls for it, he has a good job, he takes care of the house…but out in public he acts like a child.  Even at home he acts like a child.  Sometimes it is funny, sometimes I am not in the mood for it.  But that’s how he is…that’s who I married…why should I hate that now when that is what I fell in love with in the beginning?  I don’t hate it, sometimes I just am not ready for it or it is just too much.

Even though he is completely childish, these last few years of hardship for us has brought us closer than ever.  We have gone through buying a house, BARELY selling the house, countless renovation projects, the stress of dealing with infertility, finding means to pay for our treatments, the treatments themselves making me bat-crap crazy, a failed IVF, a successful one ending in a Miscarriage, dealing with the miscarriage, another failed IVF, job losses and new employment, and embarking on this latest round of fertility treatments in our FET round.  It has been traumatic to say the least but the one thing I can count on ALWAYS being the same and ALWAYS being there is my husband, even if it is just for a laugh when I really need it.

Through all our treatments he has been a champ.  He self injected himself every day for 2 years before we could start this process and when I was too afraid to even look at a needle he gave me all my injections almost painlessly (Some of them did hurt but it is so much better than trusting myself to do that!).  He’s been at every single appointment (except one when he was in adrenal crisis due to food poisoning so I can’t blame him for that!), he’s been through EVERYTHING without questions and is always putting me as #1.  Whether it is food or how I feel or making plans, he always makes sure it is something I want first.

I am one lucky person.  I don’t know if I would ever have gone through any of this for anyone else.  I have tortured my body and mind beyond repair, I have a “new me” that will never be like old me for all the experiences I have gone through but I would do it over and over again if I had to with him.

He may laugh at how I say “that’s so odd” UNCONTROLLABLY, but I also laugh at when he tries to launch himself up from laying position on the couch and cracks his head off the edge.  We are both pretty childish when you think about it but I’d say we were made for each other.

Darling, I know you are going to be reading this in the next day or so…so…yeah…there you have it.  I love you 🙂

Here’s a little blast from the past…our entrance and exit to our wedding reception:

Wedding Reception Entrance wedding2


9 thoughts on “Is your husband a winner? Mine sure is…

    • HAHAHA!!! I’d say yeah a bit, but you’d understand within 5 seconds of meeting him LOL but you know what…his personality is addictive and ends up making friends everywhere he goes.

  1. I think going through all the drama of infertility is a real test of character for any man. Sounds like yours has stood by your side every step of the way and been an amazing support.

    For all the flaws… I’d say he’s a keeper.

    Gorgeous photos too xxx

  2. Soooo relate to this (three failed cycles and a successful one that miscarried), and I can’t imagine any person on earth I could have done that with other than my husband. Also suffered a devastating financial loss in the middle of all of that, and we are still the happiest couple I know. I even wrote a book about happiness, which could have never happened without him in my life. I love women who love their men. We are the luckiest broads in the world!

    • I can relate to the financial side as well…in the middle of the first failed cycle my husband lost his job that held both his and my insurance. It has been a crazy couple years but we have pushed through together. We are lucky 🙂

  3. I’m lucky I have a winner too! I’m so proud of my marriage because it has gone through things most people don’t have to go through. I think people like us should be extra proud because we have been through some horrible stuff and our still happy! Glad to hear your story!

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