FET Milestone #1 and Good Omens?

Today I will be reaching my first milestone with this FET.  Today I stop my BCP.  In one week from today I will have my first check/baseline appointment.

Friday I said I was sick…for a week at that point.  Little did I know that I shouldn’t have opened my mouth, I totally jinxed my illness.  I swore I was feeling better but then 1:30 hit and I was achy all over, I couldn’t function.  I left work at 2 and tried to take a hot shower to help with the achiness…I told Joe I would text him at about 4 on whether I was meeting him for dinner or if he was coming straight home after I had a chance to calm down and relax.  At 3 I knew I wasn’t going anywhere…chills, aches, couldn’t breathe, nausea…everything.  He came home and I was on FIRE.  I popped so much medication to try to help but nothing was reducing my fever, I was hot as hell but not sweating…I needed to sweat and I couldn’t.  He gave me ice pops, nyquil, and I wrapped myself up in a blanket and slept for the night.  I woke up drenched, my fever finally broke.  The rest of the weekend I still felt pretty crappy but I was actually up and moving around and here I am starting my day up and about.  Still feel like crap but worlds better than Friday.  That was just scary how hot I was, my eyeballs were on fire.

Any who, I wanted to gauge your opinions on this.  I think these are omens, good ones, but let me see what you think.

On Sunday we were at the races when someone we haven’t seen congratulated us on the family and asked us how it was with little ones in the house.  We politely told him we didn’t have any and were working on that. (Omen or bad info?) That very same day (night) we went to a friend of ours Birthday Celebration at Dave & Busters and I asked a waitress if we could get a table next to the family, she sent someone out to seat us with a high chair and asked where my baby was…she said the waitress told her I needed a high chair because I was carrying a tiny baby.  I thought this was quite strange but also held onto it as a good Omen.  Any positives help my mentality so if this seems like a good Omen I should hold onto that, right?

I hope everyone had fantastic weekends 🙂


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