You down with FET? Yeah you know me!

I’m actually quite shocked at how much less stress this whole FET process is.  With a fresh cycle I’d be worrying about short notice appointments about coming in late, not knowing when the retrieval or transfer or test date is.  So many appointments in such a short period of time.  It was all overwhelming.

I just found out last night that all my appointments for the FET are already booked.  Short notice appointments have gone by the wayside for this.  I have 3 checks before the transfer.  10/14, 10/21, & 10/25.  From there we will decide the transfer date but right now it is already tentatively scheduled for 10/31.  Seriously, the transfer is already tentatively set well over a month ahead of time.  This relieves so much stress I can’t even believe it.  I gave my boss notice for days I will be in between 7:30 and 8 instead of 6:30.  I was already able to tell him I have a tentative day off needed for 10/31 and work from home the day after the day off.

Also, to just add to the awesomeness is I don’t get all hopped up on massive doses of hormones.  That in itself is awesome.  I’m sure it is better, physically, for the embryos too since my body won’t be going through all sorts of weird shit while they implant.  They will only have the nice cocktail of estrogen and progesterone they need to survive.

Let’s hope this stress free FET cycle helps my babies stick around for the long haul.  Is it Halloween yet?

On a side note, I think all of the hormones from the previous cycle have officially left my system…I was up later than Joe the last 2 nights and when I showered yesterday I lost a crap ton of hair…like 4 times what I normally do.  I was losing less while I was on all the hormones.  So yay? Gotta find good in a failed cycle somehow, no?  This one is grasping straws but the real positive is the three totcicles I keep thinking about. ❤


10 thoughts on “You down with FET? Yeah you know me!

    • Thank you! It’s even better that the Lupron shots are in the morning…I don’t have time to think about it all day and mope at night knowing that it is coming soon…I wake up, I get washed and dressed for work, Joe starts my car & preps the injection while I get ready, I come downstairs and boom…injection and off to work. Nothing eating me up knowing it is coming, I wake up refreshed, get it over with, and move on for the rest of the day. Easy Peasey.

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