Medication is in

Just received the phone call that my medication has arrived and is ready for pickup.

Also, not that I am complaining but I am a little confused…during fresh cycles nothing except Crinone and my Antibiotics are covered this time everything is covered and I didn’t know why.  I am not going to fight it, believe me, but I am a little shocked.

I can understand the Estradiol and the Progesterone being covered as they are used in maintaining a pregnancy early on and would be taken for up to 10 weeks.  I can also understand the Antibiotic being covered because, well, it’s an antibiotic and SHOULD be.  But where I am confused (and again, not that I am complaining I just like to understand why…) is the Lupron is covered.  Is this drug used for non-infertility related reasons as well?  If not then it makes me wonder why some of my other drugs weren’t covered when this is.

Either way, we were expecting anywhere from 400-600 on the medication and we are only paying less than 160 so I am happy.  That was a much welcomed phonecall.


6 thoughts on “Medication is in

  1. Interesting about that being a cancer drug. My blood pressure med doubles as a hormone drug – stops me from getting acne (caused by PCOS – too much “male” hormones). yay for research benefits and using drugs multiple ways, and yay for cheaper bills!

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