The Start of a Plan

I received instructions for the next few weeks today.  I do not have any appointments until 10/14 for my first blood work check.

In the interim I am to continue BCP until 10/7, so that is only 18 days of BCP.

On 9/30 I will begin the Lupron Injections @10 units daily (AM) until instructed to stop.  I am not sure how long one is generally on Lupron or the time frame between starting Lupron to starting Estrace, Progesterone, and the Transfer.  Can anyone offer any advice here?  How long was it from when you started Lupron to the Transfer?

I am a little worried as I have a feeling the Transfer is going to happen the day before a wedding we are attending in November and I would much rather it the week before so I can be active at the reception.  If it is the day before I will be too afraid to be running around, dancing, and all that jazz and would probably end up leaving early which I do not want to do as this is such a lovely couple and I would love to spend the whole evening there.

I told Joe my worries yesterday about both the wedding and a class I am taking the following week (The class shouldn’t be affected the second week of November based on my timeline right now…) but he told me to stop worrying, right now I have to focus on me and that’s all.  I worry too much about other things and right now I just need to let this ride until we know for sure…then we can decide a course of action.  I know that if anything my “excuse” is a very understandable one if I can’t be active or if I have to leave early or if I have to miss my class…but I still worry.  I just need to keep focusing on the awesome quality of my frozen babies and keep it positive.


11 thoughts on “The Start of a Plan

  1. I’m not sure what estrace is. But just an example for you. My last cycle I started Lupron July 9 the last day of my Lupron was August 7. I started vivelle July 30th & Progestrone on August 8th. My transfer was August 13. So from the time I started my estrogen & the transfer it was a little over a month.

    • estrace is like vivelle but in pill form…estrogen. Thank you so much for this timeline, it gives me a better understanding of what to expect, although I know timing is not always the same…

  2. & I was just curious. I know you had a D&C done with your last cycle and they did testing. Did you have that done through your clinic or through your personal carrier? I have been trying to have one done though kaiser but I am just getting the run around.

    • I had one done through my clinic, the surgical center uses a company and it took approx 3 weeks to get the results. Definitely push for one…it is definitely something you need to know whether significant or not it puts your mind at ease that it is nothing you could have prevented. I blamed myself for 3 weeks until we got the results.

      • My clinic doesn’t do them. : / we are waiting to be contacted by an infertility clinic so hopefully we will hear from them before I pass the tissue because I’m already bleeding. & I agree. I’m definitely feeling like it’s my fault at this point.

      • I waited almost a week with bleeding for my D&C and didn’t pass the tissue…I really hope you can get the answers you need. Know that this is not your fault…there is nothing you or anyone could have done. It is really hard when you keep thinking what if I did this different or that but really, there is nothing that could have been done to prevent it. It took a while for me to accept that but it is the truth.

  3. For my FET, I started Lupron on 2/3, began applying Vivelle patches (estrogen) on 2/17, started progesterone on 3/1, and transfer was on 3/6, so about a month after starting Lupron. Hope that helps, and good luck!

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