For Just a Few Weeks, Two Hearts Beat As One

It’s overwhelming to think it has been 13 weeks since I heard BOB’s heart beat for the last time.  I am determined to get the happiness that I felt then back again.  I have faith that this time I will end this round with a rainbow baby.

It’s amazing the connection you have with a tiny little human you can’t physically see (other than a grainy black and white image on a computer screen), or feel, or touch but when you know that you now have two heart beats within you, it is a feeling like none other.  I am sure it only gets better from there but that was all I was able to experience just a few short months ago.  Not a day goes by that I don’t think of my BOB and I know he is here with me holding my hand through this all.  He would have been an amazing big brother.

I can’t wait to see what the future holds for me, the Three Muskateers, and Joseph.  I have so much faith that this is finally it, with BOB always with me.

I’ve never felt a kick, I’ve never felt a movement, but for a few short weeks, two hearts were beating as one.

Love you baby ❤


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