5DP3DT – Bored.

Can time pass by any slower?  I feel like a slug!  Even all this sleep I am doing is not passing the time!

Funny thing, apparently I whimper/cry in my sleep sometimes, so says Joseph.  It’s probably when I dream about BOB.  I apparently got his attention really early this morning to what he thought was me crying again…I woke up asking if he sat in a plum because he told me he did and it was funny (that was just a dream…) and he said that my crying wasn’t crying, it was laughing.  I was laughing in my sleep. lol.  I didn’t even think it was possible.

Anywho, I’m just checking in to say all is well, just bored out of my mind with the days feeling like weeks, the hours feeling like days, and the minutes feeling like hours.  It’s Weekend Eve and hopefully I can keep myself busy so time starts to speed up a little.  7 more sleeps until Beta Day.  Also anxiously awaiting next weekend for some Mama time.

In my boredom, I added a few things to my site.  On the right I have an actual link to my actual facebook page.  I am private so you will have to request me and I ask that you send a message first saying where you are from and your blog address (if applicable) so I don’t get any spammers 🙂

I also added a photo tab on the blog, it’s somewhere where I can archive my photos I post on here without having to go all throughout my blog to find it.  And photos for you to enjoy as well.  There’s a couple on there that keep bringing tears to my eyes so hopefully I can keep up with it without becoming a blubbering mess.

Stay Classy 🙂


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