2DP3DT – Love the Progesterone

I can’t believe how beautiful my embryos looked.  Lets compare a little:

(Nov 2012) IVF#1 – Transferred 2 embryos, a 6cell grade 3 and a 5 cell grade 3, used fresh specimen – ended in a BFN

(April/May2013) IVF#2 – Transferred 3 embryos, an 8 cell grade 2, a 6 cell grade 2, and a 4 cell grade 1, used frozen specimen – ended in BFP but MC at 9.5 weeks

(Sept2013) IVF#3 – Transferred 3 embryos, an 8 cell grade 1!!, a 7 cell grade 2, and a 4 cell grade 1, used frozen specimen – these are PERFECT babies!  And they were all hatched prior to transfer! My chances are tremendous right now and I am so excited for the test on the 19th (seems like a lifetime!).

What am I going to do for the next 10 days?  At least 8 of them I have to work, that will keep more than half of my day busy so that’s a plus.

The progesterone is starting to take it’s toll on me, thanks progesterone…  I am so tired and the boobs are starting to grow and last night/this morning I have a gross sick feeling.  I do not symptom spot because Progesterone has some big side effects with me, always. I also do not test at home because HPTs are my enemy. I’ve never gotten a true positive on an HPT, EVER, so I refuse to take them other than to test that the trigger worked.  Even after I became pregnant with BOB I refused to take one.  It’s a superstition and it’s not a bad thing.

Some interesting facts for the day of my first beta: Sept 19th is the 1 year anniversary of this IVF blog.  Sept 19th is a full moon.  Sept 19th is not only a FULL moon, it is also the HARVEST moon.  Babies, you have a lot of cool things happening on the day I get to find out if I am pregnant, so make us proud!  Dig in deep and get cozy!

Alright babies, settle in…this is going to be a long and amazing ride!  BOB is watching over us 🙂


5 thoughts on “2DP3DT – Love the Progesterone

  1. AGHHHH! This is such an awesome post to read. And your optimism seems VERY warranted. Sept 19th is also my first real live OB (who is not an RE) appointment, so I will definitely not forget this date. Harvest moon babies! (PS, I have a friend who has triplets and they are adorable. Ya never know!) Can’t wait!

  2. Sending lots of positive vibes your way!! You’re only about 4 weeks past me and I hope you have the same wonderful results that I did. 🙂

    • Thank you! I just re-read your transfer post, do you mind me asking what the cell count was on your 3 day embryos? I see our grading was basically the same. I’m also anxiously awaiting the call on if any made it to freeze today. I’m hoping to get at least one.

      • No, I don’t remember the cell count on any of the 3, just the grading. I remember thinking that was more important, but I don’t know if I just thought that, or if someone actually told me that, or if it picked it up somewhere on the internet. LOL
        I hoped for one to freeze too and got 2. I hope you do too!!

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