Egg Retrieval and Fertility Report

Phew….yesterday is over.  I wasn’t one spec of nervous.  I can’t believe how far I have come since being scared shitless upon our first RE appointment for IVF last year to now where I just stick out my arm for a poke, spread my legs to check out the inner parts, and have become best friends with DC (more like a tolerable friend).  I don’t even mind anesthesia anymore…this is all so odd for me!

I had THE NICEST nurse ever, she was like an angel she was so nice.  I did everything I was instructed to before I got there except remove my necklace and I told the nurse that I would remove it and hand it to my husband right before I would be taken back as it’s my good luck charm, it has my pendent for BOB and one with St. Gerard (Patron Saint of Fertility) on it.  The nurse told me to leave it on, she understands completely how it would give me comfort and she would rather see me comfortable than anything.  She was by my side the whole time, so supportive, and gave me a hug goodbye and I will be seeing her if I go in on Saturday for transfer (which I am guessing it will be).

The IV went in no problem.  Out of all the male doctors that I could have had, I had the nicest one that knew my entire history so he was completely calming and sympathetic with me.  He also looks like Bob Saget so it makes me giggle every time I see him.  I was out like a light and back to hear some good news.  My goal was 10 eggs as not every follicle holds an egg and I was pleasantly surprised with a whole dozen!

Recovery has been trying, I was never this uncomfortable after an Egg Retrieval.  I probably shouldn’t have eaten Taco Bell immediately after I was released because I got sick a few times…but after all of that was up I was able to take a nap.  I am so swollen it is difficult to move around but Gatorade and Pain Meds are my best friend at the moment so I am dealing with it.  I am back to work.  I will not take anymore pain meds after today so I am determined to do anything I can to get this discomfort taken care of immediately (Any other tips for reducing fluid build up?)

Now on to the fertility report.

Out of 12 eggs, all 12 were mature enough for ICSI and 10 Fertilized! I am very happy 🙂


15 thoughts on “Egg Retrieval and Fertility Report

    • I was told that Salt also helps with the swelling but I am not so sure as I always understood it as Salt causes the body to retain water. Do you have any insight in this? I’m chugging water like there’s no tomorrow lol.

    • I know! I can’t get over it! It’s much better than my first 2
      #1 was 16 eggs with 9 fertilized
      #2 was 14 with 10 fertilized

      I’m over the moon. It’s definitely worth the extra suffering today.

  1. Congratulations!! I was told high salt after my transfer and tons of water. The salt helps because the follicles will fill back up with fluid and so the salt helps to absorb that and then water helps to flush it out. It really helped me, I was close to over stimulating and was completely bloated.

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